Taiji Stick Health Qigong + Tai Chi Course (5-wks)
Quinta-feira, 12 maio • 09:45 - 10:45
Lili Chen
Taiji Stick Health Preservation Qigong (Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang) + Tai Chi Course (5-wks)
Beginners welcome – suitable for people of all ages

The Taiji Stick Health Preservation Health Qigong embodies the concept of Tai Chi – emphasising harmony of yin and yang, mankind and nature. This new exercise distills the essence of traditional stick martial art practice, coordinates body movements with stick wielding, guided breathing and imagination.
It’s graceful, fun and easy to learn, it helps release stress, find focus and improve strength of bone and muscle, while massaging the acupuncture points to improve health and wellbeing.

Important: Taiji Stick required for practice – available from our shop. £6