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Hatha 2 ⭐ 12 key I/P
Tanya Greig
13 February 2022 • Duration: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes
"A fantastic way to slow down, lengthen, strengthen & re-align. Re-connect with the body & quiet the mind"

Hatha 2 ON*DEMAND recording 78 min practice

⭐ A classic, fluid, non-flowing Hatha yoga practice exploring balance, forward & backward bending, twists, core stabilisation, breath work & relaxation techniques.

⭐This class includes seated invigorating breath practice, shoulder stand inversion, crow arm balance and finishes with a guided relaxation.

️GENERAL LEVEL, MIXED ABILITIES (basics are assumed)

⭐ Experience the 12 key postures practice, including breath work, arm balance, inversion & relaxation

Unwind, recharge & reconnect body, mind & spirit. Leave feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful!