About us.

We are Momoyoga. A Dutch startup, striving to make the best yoga studio administration software.
It started from own experience. Booking yoga classes and teaching yoga classes. The studios we attended either did not have any reservations-and-payment system in place, or had a very technical application running. The latter has a serious learning curve, for yogis and teachers to work with.
"Man! We can do this a lot better. We can provide this service for a fraction of the price!"
Being a yoga teacher, a graphic designer and a software developer, we stopped dreaming and started the creation of Momoyoga.
Every day we work on improving the best and easiest assistant for yoga studios. Our goals are:
Developing a carefree (zero-learning curve) user experience for yoga teachers.
Developing the most intuitive way for yogis to book a yoga class. Fast and easy.
Keeping our service fast, reliable and cheap.
Momoyoga is simple: A yoga studio creates a calendar. Via the calendar, new yogis can book classes, register and pay for classes.
We founded Momoyoga in 2014 and launched in the Netherlands. Momoyoga is available for yogastudios worldwide since 2016.
Do you have any questions? Please contact us