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The Momoyoga team is on a mission to help people find balance, supporting the practice of yoga for health and well-being. Today more than 19 million classes have been booked by more than 1,000,000 yogis.






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What we believe in

We believe in the right balance - between your work and personal life, between effort and relaxation, between our mind and heart.

As in the world of yoga, the world of Momoyoga is also balanced. At Momoyoga, we want to give yoga studios more time for the things that matter. More time on the mat. We believe it should be plain simple to manage your yoga studio online.

How we do this

Our team wants to help people find balance and share the practice of yoga. We do this by creating software specifically tailored to yoga studios. Software that is simple and accessible to all yoga teachers and studio owners worldwide.

Anyone can use Momoyoga without specific knowledge or explanation. We closely consider new features and don’t over complicate our product. Balance is key.

Our values

We are close to our core, to our values. Through our values, we show what we stand for and how to achieve our mission. Our team believes in the true meaning of these values. For yoga studios and yoga teachers, as for ourselves.

Mindful: Balance is at the heart of everything we do. We are mindful of our actions and advocate mental health. We care for people and believe in the power of yoga. We strive to help as many yoga teachers as possible.

Simplicity: Simplicity is at the core of our product and our processes. We aim for straightforward solutions. We are informal and pragmatic. We value openness and aim to create a culture where transparency is the default. 

Always improving: We always strive to do better. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to grow and improve. We challenge ourselves to be critical thinkers and are humble in welcoming feedback for continuous learning. 

Ownership: Ownership inspires everyone to contribute. Giving and taking responsibility drives execution and a feeling of pride in work and achievements. We believe in empowering people, and we value initiative.

Help us and the yoga community

Momoyoga is always looking for passionate and talented people to strengthen the team and support the yoga community. Do you feel attracted to Momoyoga and our quest to find balance?

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