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We are constantly adding new features and improvements. Recent changes are documented here. What would you like to see in Momoyoga? Please contact us and send us your feedback. 

August 2018

New Features ✨

• Squarespace and Wix integration
You can now integrate your schedule to your Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress website. Learn more in our Help Center.

Improvements and Fixes 🛠️

• Improved the dashboard page
We’ve improved the dashboard page and added a birthday overview. The next update will also include an activity log, so you can always see what's happening at your studio.

• Higher security levels of our servers
We've made improvements to the security levels of our servers. As Momoyoga is growing rapidly, we continu to do everything to ensure security and stability of the platform and your data.

• No more overlapping classes
Yogis can not book overlapping classes anymore.

• Updated the WordPress plugin
Now the 'book a class' link is correctly redirected to the class page.

• Purchasing credits
Yogis can now also choose the start date when purchasing credits.

• And some small tweaks
The gender entry field is no longer required. On the class page, credits and subscriptions that are not paid are shown in red, paid are shown in green. We added some shiny, new layout elements and will continue adding more in the upcoming weeks.



April 2018

New Features ✨

• Language support
Bonjour, hola and guten tag! To make your class schedule friendly for yogis around the globe, we’ve added even more new languages! Your schedule is now available in French, Spanish, and German. Do you want your local language to be added? Let us know.

Improvements and Fixes 🛠️

• Add a yogi from the waiting list
Using the waiting list function, yogis can opt for a free spot, even if the class is already fully booked. It is now also possible for teachers to add (and remove) yogis from and to a waiting list.

• Email reminder for yogis
We've made some improvements to the automated email reminders for expiry of a subscription or credit pass. The email will not be sent if the yogi already purchased the subscription or credit. Too the email will not be sent if the subscription or credit is no longer available.

• Invoices for yogis
An invoice is automatically generated for each order placed by a yogi. From now, on you can edit and format your own invoice numbers.

• App update
We were experiencing some trouble with fully booked classes in the Momoyoga app. It now is no longer possible for a yogi to exceed the maximum spots in a class using the app.

• Subscription restrictions per period
From now on, yogis can find the status of their current subscription in 'My Schedule’. For example if they have a subscription with a restriction per month or per week, and the amount of classes left in the current period. 



March 2018

New Features ✨

• Email all yogis in a class
A frequently suggested feature has been finally added. With just one click, you can now email all yogis attending a class!

• Language support
To make your class schedule more friendly to yogis around the globe, we’ve added new language settings. Yogis can now change their language of choice for the online schedule. Next to English and Dutch, we’ve now added Danish. Do you want your local language to be added? Let us know!

Improvements and Fixes 🛠️

• Infinite classes
As noted earlier, we’ve experienced some problems with infinite class series. Some series seemed to have been duplicated, while others got cancelled. We've resolved all issues and completely renewed the infinite class series system.

• Registering a new yogi
We've updated the yogi registration process. Studios can now add a yogi who is already using Momoyoga (with the same email address).

• Cancel a class, email to teacher
When cancelling a class, you can directly send an email to all yogis who have booked the class. Now it's also possible to send a copy of this message directly to the teacher.

• Payment reminders
It is possible to send yogis a payment reminder by email. From now on Momoyoga will keep track if, and how many, payment reminders you've send.

• Exceeding the amount of yogis in a class
If you want to add a yogi to a class that is fully booked, Momoyoga will prompt that the amount of available spots for the class will be exceeded. You can still add the yogi to the class. That's up to you.

Momoyoga priced in Dollars
Non-European studios can now pay for the Momoyoga subscription in US Dollars instead of Euros.



February 2018

New Features ✨

• Help Center
We're happy to announce that we have completely redesigned our Help Center to enable you to quickly find detailed feature information. Many of you have requested that we make the Help Center searchable. We're glad to report that the new Help Center design offers this feature.

• Localization and country settings
Momoyoga now offers a flexible set of options for you to configure your studio’s account to local custom. This includes date notation, currency notation, timezones and more.

• Printable class list
We've added a 'print class list' feature on the class page, which allows you to automatically generate a downloadable PDF file. The file includes the attending yogis for the class. Yogis can sign when they show up.

Improvements and Fixes 🛠️

• Bigger and faster servers
On February 1st we've moved our platform to bigger and faster servers. This to speed up our overall service. We do everything in our power to ensure uptime and stability of the platform. This includes continuous connectivity and performance improvements.

• Order restrictions
When a yogi is not allowed to be booked into a class, Momoyoga now describes in more detail why the subscriptions or credits are not valid for the specific class.

• Registration form
The registration form for new yogis sometimes threw an unknown error. We’ve fixed this, optimized the process and it has now become more reliable. 

• App updates
In the last update we've fixed an issue with class titles that were too long (and made class times unreadable). Also we've fixed a issue in which the calendar displaying incorrect class times, when 'hopping' from one timezone to another.



December 2017

New Features ✨

• Yogis can register with multiple studios
Yogis can now register with more than one yoga studio, using just one email address. Yogis can easily switch from one calendar to another.

• Momoyoga Wordpress plugin
You can now integrate the online calendar into your Wordpress website. Using the Momoyoga Wordpress plugin, you can also style the schedule to your preference. At this moment the Wordpress plugin is available on request only. Sign up for the beta release.

Improvements and Fixes 🛠️

• App updates
We’ve optimized our app for Apple iOS 11 (and for the new iPhone X). You can refresh the class overview with a pull to refresh and we’ve also fixed a minor login problem for Android users.

• Removed button 'all classes in the series'
Yes, we have heard your feedback! We’ve removed some buttons and tweaked the interface here and there. From now on you can no longer by mistake remove a yogi for all classes in a series.

• Smart search for adding yogis to classes
We’ve added a ‘smart search’ feature on the class page, which allows you to lookup yogis quick and efficient. Instead of scrolling through the list, you can simply start typing to only show the filtered options.

• Terms and conditions for yogis
We’ve added confirmation of terms and conditions, when yogis register with your studio or buy new subscriptions or credits.

• Reminder emails
Due to heavy traffic on peak days, we’ve recently experienced some issues in sending the ‘class reminder emails’ to all your yogis. We’ve optimized the process and geared up our resources. Sending reminder emails has now become much more reliable.

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