Introducing promo codes and ticket types

Treat your yogis to specially designed promo codes, mix it up with event ticket types, and enhance your yogi’s payment experience all round.


Promo codes

From special offers and seasonal discounts to loyalty and referral programs, attract new yogis and treat those who’ve been there since the start. Promo codes are the gift that keeps on giving. Copy, paste, share your code, and let the results do the talking. Spread the joy of yoga within your community.

Earn more doing less

From a fixed amount to a percentage off, give your yogis the final boost needed to get past the checkout point. Dreaming of a special January intro offer? A one-year membership with 20% off? Momoyoga has got your back.


Event ticket types

You asked, we listened. Diversify your event with more than one ticket type. Treat your yogis to an exquisite new range of ticket options that suit their needs and yours. Stand out from the crowd with a beautifully illustrated selection of prices to choose from. An upgrade like you’ve never seen before.

The early bird gets the worm

From a heartfelt Yoga Teacher Training with Early Bird prices for those who get there first, to a cozy retreat with a stunning range of rooms to choose from. Let your images and ticket range attract new faces. Give your yogis a reason to smile, and smile back as your mats fill up.


Streamlined payments, worry-free finances

Momoyoga’s secure and reliable payment system is designed to make your life easier. Our newly improved, user-friendly purchase flow supports more payment methods, making transactions smoother and boosting your studio's financial efficiency.

What has changed?

  • Your yogis’ class pass, membership, and event purchases are all in the same payment flow for a streamlined, unified payment experience.
  • Smoother credit card payments with a newly improved validation process will make your yogis' lives easier.
  • Your yogis can easily pay for failed payments through our automated email process.
  • Our Pay-What-You-Want and Donation options are now seamlessly integrated into your order overview—everything you need in one place.
  • Your yogis can use Paypal alongside all other payment methods for our Pay-What-You-Want feature.

Want to get early access to unreleased features?

Interested in testing our newest features before they’re announced? Have the opportunity to share your feedback and become one of our exclusive testers.

Ready to try out promo codes and ticket types?

Momoyoga is the home for every yoga teacher. Everything you need to organize your teaching and make a great impression. We look forward to connecting with you.