Disclosing the Secrets Behind the Sixth Body, the Arcline

If you’re a devoted yogi, you must have surely heard about the ancient discipline of Kundalini Yoga, inherited from the great Yogibajan. And probably you have already heard that tightly embedded in this discipline, there’s the theory of the so-called ten bodies. According to this ancient theory, we are made up of not merely one body but ten more!

And that is so because we are said to have 3 spiritual bodies and 6 energy bodies. All of them are inextricably linked to our subconscious and the inner power of our consciousness. This time, we will explore everything about the most fascinating body, the Sixth Body, the Arcline, and learn its features, how to balance it to manifest your Dharma, your true vision, and live a healthier and happier life in line with your higher self.

So let’s dig in!

 It is that intangible halo that not only acts as a kind of shield that protects us from negativity but can also project us into the world around us. 

What are the ten bodies?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the topic, let’s quickly revise all the bodies:

1. The Soul Body

The first body is your lifetime companion. Unlike the physical body, which is everchanging,  the soul never dies and lives on throughout your life and future lifetimes. It is critical to become acquainted with this body on a daily basis, connecting to your true nature with meditation and spiritual practices. 

 2. The Negative Mind

Don’t be fooled by its name because the negative mind is like our seatbelt that helps us discern to not get carried away in overly-optimistic thoughts. Nevertheless, when out of balance, the negative mind can take over and infuse pessimism, fear, and overthinking into our minds.

3. The Positive Mind

On the other hand, the positive mind is motivating and uplifting when balanced, but beware because when out of balance, it can become dangerous and misleading as you can become reckless or easily persuaded. 

4. Neutral Mind

The Neutral Mind considers the logical input given by the Negative and Positive Minds', and it generally guides you to the optimum conclusion utilising impartial intuitive understanding. That’s why it’s important to keep it balanced because it keeps us with our feet on the ground, without judging but simply helping us to ponder the best decisions.

 5. Physical Body

Our body is a divine gift on earth: it was crafted so we could enjoy our life and make the most out of it. So it goes without saying that you should always take care of your body through diet, physical activity, and an overall balanced lifestyle.

7. Auric Body

The Auric Body (also known as “Aura”) is a halo of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the physical body. You may recognise this body when you feel someone else's presence in the room or get a sense of their energy. This body protects the physical body and can manifest into different colours and energy levels.

8. Pranic Body

As you know, Prana is that lifeforce energy, so the Pranic Body is what rules the respiratory system and takes in prana. The Pranic Body gives us energy, courage, control over our mind, and healing power.  

9. Subtle Body

The Subtle Body allows you to comprehend and conquer the most subtle aspects of life. It has a lot to do with your intuition, and for that, it might assist you in comprehending what is going on around you and the true nature of things.

 10. Radiant Body

The 10th body gives you spiritual majesty and radiance. It’s that body that, when balanced, makes us look blissfully alive. Those gifted with a strong Radiant Body have a lot of charisma and tend to draw the attention of the whole room. It seems like those individuals automatically attract good things and like-minded people.

What is The Arcline?

Now that we’ve explored all our ten bodies, let’s finally dive deep into our sixth body, the Arcline, which is considered the core of our aura. It is that intangible halo that not only acts as a kind of shield that protects us from negativity but can also project us into the world around us. 

It represents your radiance, the way the world perceives you, but it has a lot to do also with protection and other essential qualities such as:

  • Intuition
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Perception
  • Ability to focus

Anatomically, the Arcline is associated with the pituitary gland, which regulates the nervous system and glandular balance.  But perhaps one of its most interesting aspects is that it represents our sense of intuition and perception. So much so that it's also closely related to our Ajna chakra, the energetic centre of higher knowledge. And our intuition is an incredibly useful tool that acts as a shield, protecting us from what could potentially be harmful.

Balancing Your Arcline

As we've seen, our Arcline is incredibly crucial because it allows us to filter negativity and preserves us from misadventures, diseases and injuries. Being so crucially important to us, it goes without saying that we should always make sure our Arcline is strong and nicely balanced.

Here are some signs of Balance.

A healthy aura brings blissful harmony between the way you perceive yourself and the way other people perceive you.  But most importantly, at higher levels, a balanced Arcline can be the first step towards Kundalini Awakening: when we're purifying our nadis, the energetic channels of our pranic body, we are allowing the prana, our life-force energy flow free and ultimately reach a dimension of pure enlightenment. Some other typical symptoms of a perfectly balanced Arcline are:

  • Enhanced sense of protection
  • A bright and sharply focused mind
  • Ability to easily immerse in deep meditation 

Symptoms of Imbalance: On the other hand, when our Arcline is imbalanced, we may start to feel disconnected from our inner selves, leading us to experience some negative feelings such as:

  • Doubts
  • Fears
  • Low mood
  • Lack of clarity and energy 

Text Disclosing the Secrets Behind the Sixth Body, the Arcline

How to Strengthen the Arcline 

Given the huge importance of this body, it goes without saying that we should always take special care of it, and for that, there are some practices that we can incorporate into our classes to help our students find their balance and bliss.

Here are a few techniques to balance our Arcline:

The “Gyan Chakra” Meditation

This mighty meditation allows us to balance the Arcline, and it's combined with a kriya, which is a repetitive movement, in addition to a mantra and a mudra. But let's see the whole practice in detail:

  • Start by sitting in an "easy pose" with a straight spine.
  • Inhale-exhale and chant the Adi Mantra "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" three times
  • Perform the "chin mudra", placing the tip of the index finger to the tip of your thumb, the rest of the fingers straight.
  • Move the hands alternatively in large circles over the head. Make fast, steady and forceful movements in rhythm with the mantra. The right hand will move in a counter-clockwise circle while the left-hand moves in a clockwise circle. Try to make sure your arms don't go below your heart centre (the chest). 

Meditation for the Arcline

This kind of meditation has the great power to strengthen and clear our aura, and it's done in three simple steps:

  • Start in a simple crossed-legged position with your spine straight
  • Close your eyes and take a couple of deep, nourishing breaths
  • Chant the mantra "Waheguru Wahejio" for about 30 minutes

Practice Satya

Likewise, there's also another practice we can share with our students, and that is to teach them to practice Satya, truthfulness. It is, as you know, an extremely wide concept as it implies:

  • Speaking only the truth.
  • Being true to yourself
  • Practising what you preach
  • Embracing pureness, so start to wear white clothes, as they can significantly enhance your aura

Final Thoughts

So in this article, we’ve unveiled the amazing secrets hidden behind our ten bodies, and we’ve focused on the sixth body, the Arcline, exploring its features and the practices that we could use to bring it to balance.

I hope this article has shed some light on this topic and hopefully helped you and your students have a more balanced life, fully in line with your true nature and Dharma!

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Ludovica Picardi
Ludovica Picardi is a young writer and passionate yoga student who found her path through Yoga several years ago under the warm sun of Italy and never stopped practicing since then. She also has a deep love for nature and yoga’s philosophy, as she sees yoga as an extremely powerful tool that can help us connect not only with ourselves but also with the outside world.

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