Holding Effective Yoga Teacher Interviews for your Studio 

When you finally take that leap from teacher to studio owner, one of your first duties apart from creating a solid business model is hiring yoga teachers. How can you tell that the yoga teachers who apply will be a good fit with your studio? A simple interview probably won’t be enough. You will want to meet these teachers to see if they would be a good fit. Not only on a personal level, but also in the way they teach. Whether it will be a large team or closer knit team, they will need to fit your vision. In this regard, you have every right to push for your criteria, decide if this yogi will be trainable, or if you will give them the ‘ol “Thank you. Next!” response (very politely of course). If it sounds like it’s tougher than you thought–it is. But with a few pointers, we can get you on the right track!

If you've ever had a job interview as a yoga teacher, it can feel as though you were in a job interview and a casting call at the same time. It can sometimes be a scary experience, yet it doesn’t have to be. Through this article, we will give you a few tips on how to explain to your applicants what you are clearly looking for in the new teacher, create a better environment for the applicants and how to update an applicant on our decisions as studio owners. 

Branding and Business Model 

Before you post your announcements for yoga teachers, go back to your business plan and lay out the types of teachers you will need for your endeavor. What types of yoga does your studio teach? Is it all yoga or would you like to offer other disciplines such as pilates as well? Be very clear on that. Another question is if you mix business with friends? If there is another member of your friends group that’s a yoga teacher, they will be the first ones knocking on your door. Be clear on your policies. While there can be room for flexibility, you can’t lose your vision. It is your guide, map, and blueprint towards success. The third and most important thing you’ll need to consider, is the legal requirements you need from your teachers. Do you want to contract only teachers who are independent contractors, or will you take them on as an employee? In other words, use your business model and plan as a guide in creating what you need from your teachers and their education. This will also help you formulate your questions for the job interview portion of the auditions.

As a human, it's normal to feel nervous before having a job interview. This may be the case for you, but also for the teachers that you'll be interviewing.

Creating and Posting Your Ad

Once you have a clear vision in mind it’s time to post your advertisement. Make it short while all the necessary information is there. Talk a bit about the company. Place your requirements in bullet points. Lastly, describe what the teacher will do in the job interview. For example, there will be a 5-minute talk, after which the teacher will have 3 minutes to show their teaching sequence that showcases their teaching style. Finally, a short interview of no more than 5 minutes will be done. Teachers will receive a call within 7-12 days if they are asked to fill the position. This is a prime example of an audition ad because the possible teachers will have time to prepare for the audition as well as their interview. In addition, they will be notified within a set time period so they won’t be left waiting for a call.

Holding The Job Interview 

It is the day of the job interviews. As a human, it's normal to feel nervous before having a job interview. This may be the case for you, but also for the teachers that you'll be interviewing. To help smooth the tension, prep your area in the most comfortable way possible. You also make a good impression as a possible boss since you show much consideration for your applicants. By setting up a simple table for you to see the applicants that you will call in, another table for refreshments on the applicant’s side with tea and fruit for your teachers, these little details add up in a big way. Maybe a speaker for your teachers to plug in the music they will need for their sequence. Leave an open space for your teachers to do their thing. 

Text Holding Effective Yoga Teacher Interviews for your Studio

How to Approach Each Candidate and Personal Questions

Keep in mind that potential teachers are very observant during this time. They will analyze your questions at lightning speed as they reply just as quickly. They are surveying you as a possible boss just as you’re taking note of them as a possible teacher. So ask the same questions but only deviate when you want elaborations. Try to keep within the allotted time frame you promised in your advertisement. If an interview takes longer or shorter, the other teachers in line will notice. Also when asking more personal questions; which is important because it gives you a better feel for your potential instructor–tread lightly just so you don’t go overboard and always ask for permission before you ask a personal question. I know that may not be your problem as a business owner but things go more smoothly when everyone is calm and not over analyzing the smallest things. 

Keep your promise when posting the results 

When you say that you will call the applicants within 7-10 days, please do it. As a new yoga studio leaving a good impression is key to successful business. Being prompt and leading by example are essential qualities needed in a studio owner. Practice your congratulatory talk for those who make the cut and rehearse your compassionate rejection talk for the ones who need to find work elsewhere. Also always give an explanation as to why they weren’t accepted. By giving feedback, you contribute to the improvement of these teachers. These conversations are tougher than they seem. It's a mixture of being firm and being kind . Always be polite and use the positive sandwich method. This is when you give a compliment to the applicant and transition on the aspects of the audition that need improvement and close your discussion with another positive remark. It is very useful in a myriad of situations. 

There you have it– our tips and tricks to holding successful yoga teacher job interviews! These events are a launchpad into developing your leadership skills as a businesswoman or businessman. Traits you will need to develop as you move up in your yoga career.

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Jennifer Yusi
My name is Jennifer Yusi. Vinyasa/Aerial yoga instructor, writer for Momoyoga, founder of misfityoga.co. I believe in the fusion of yoga with different forms of movement. In my downtime, I like hiking, painting and karaoke.

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