How To Promote Team Building Within The Yoga Studio

As you know, yoga is all about union. Therefore, one crucial aspect of running a studio is ensuring there is teamwork among the teachers. However, fostering this connection can be a little tricky in an environment like a yoga studio, where instructors are rarely there simultaneously.

Perhaps you've just opened a studio and want to build a strong team from the onset. Or maybe you've been running your yoga business for a while but feel you lack synergy. Either way, the following tips will help you build an environment of union, cohesiveness, and harmony.

Why Collaboration is Essential in the Yoga Studio

Before we jump into how to create a solid team, let's discuss why this should be one of your top priorities as a studio owner. 

It will bring everyone closer

Being a yoga instructor can sometimes be a lonely profession. While we interact with multiple yogis daily, we don't have co-workers. 

Speaking from experience, I cherish opportunities to chat and connect with the other teachers at the same studio. Whether in a meeting or just for 10 minutes between classes, having a fellow instructor around to share your experience, concerns, or wins can do the world of good.

The same is true for you. Just stopping by before or after a class to check in with the teacher will make a significant difference to them. They will feel less "on their own" in their teaching career and that the studio is a caring and supportive environment. 

Therefore, if you create opportunities for your yoga teachers to meet and collaborate, you'll have much happier employees. 

With a strong sense of union, you'll experience happier yogis, more productive teachers, more efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication.

It helps with problem-solving and idea-generating

Although you may be the owner, chances are, your yoga teachers want the studio to be as much of a success as you do. Think about it that way: the more yogis they have, the more classes they can teach and, thus, the more money they make.

So, if you've been pondering on ways to get more yogis through the door or trying to think up new offerings on your own, start involving your teachers. Let them know what you envision for the studio in the future and invite their ideas. 

Then, by bringing your teachers together in one of the ways below, they'll have the opportunity to bounce around ideas and exchange thoughts. This could lead to things you would never have come up with by yourself. 

Your yogis will benefit

Fostering connections between your employees will show your yogis that you practice what you preach. Many yogis join a yoga studio because they want to be part of a community and experience that special union that comes with it. 

But if the yoga teachers know nothing about each other, your yogis will pick up on this, and you'll struggle to create that strong community feeling. However, create an environment where you are a big family, and you'll have loyal yogis who recommend your studio to all their friends.

4 Team-Building Ideas To Create More Union

As a yoga studio is unlike an office where employees spend time together each day, there are naturally fewer team-building opportunities. However, that doesn't mean it is not possible. Here are a few changes you can make to increase teamwork. 

Introduce Tag Team Classes

One idea your teachers and yogis will love is tag team classes. This is when two instructors teach a class together. 

It could consist of one teacher instructing and demonstrating while the other walks around giving adjustments. Or you can switch the instruction between teachers. 

Tag team classes are a great way for your yogis to experience different teaching styles. Moreover, your teachers will learn more about the other instructor and have more fun. 

Text How To Promote Team Building Within The Yoga Studio

Host a Day Retreat With All Teachers

A similar idea for building collaboration is to host a day retreat where each instructor teaches a small segment. 

Of course, for larger studios with many teachers, it may be challenging to fit everyone in and find a day when everyone is free. But the idea works fab with medium-sized studios. You can hold a half-day retreat instead if you're a small studio with just two or three teachers. 

As well as bringing your teachers together, a day retreat is a great way to make additional money from your members and find new yogis. The more you include in the day, the higher the price tag you can set. For example, suppose you have catering contacts who can supply food for an affordable price. In that case, you can bump the ticket price up considerably and maximize your profits.

Encourage your Teachers to Attend Each Others Classes

Organizing day retreats, workshops, and tag team classes can be energy and time-consuming. So if you're looking for an easy way to increase teamwork in the studio, encourage your instructors to attend each other's classes.

Many yoga studios I have taught at offered the perk of complimentary classes, which is something I always took them up on. As yoga teachers, we are continuously looking to improve our own practice. So offering this perk allows your instructors to keep up their self-practice while getting to know the other teachers at the studio. 

Hold Meetups Instead of Meetings

Let's be honest; no one jumps at the invitation to attend a work meeting. However, if you host a fun meet-up, you'll likely get more attendance. Some ideas for meet-ups include brunch at a local cafe, attending a workshop or event, or even a drink at a wine bar. 

Yes, meet-ups cost some money, whereas meetings at the studio are free. However, it will be well worth the cost if you're serious about building a tight-knit teacher community.

Final Thoughts On Promoting Team Building in The Studio

Without teacher synergy, your yogis or instructors won't feel like they are part of a like-minded, supportive community. But by making an effort to bring your teachers together, you'll enjoy endless benefits. With a strong sense of union, you'll experience happier students, more productive teachers, more efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication.


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Gemma Clarke
Gemma Clarke is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and freelance wellness writer. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience through movement and words. Aside from helping others find more peace and stillness, Gemma is an advocate for stray cats and fosters orphaned kittens for a local animal rescue center.

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