Learn How to Make the Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

I can clearly recall the feeling of pure bliss that followed the closing ceremony of my YTT course. I remember the sensation of holding in my hands that long-awaited certificate with my name on it. I felt so incredibly proud and happy. And yet, as I was leaving the ashram to go back home a sudden fear started to lurk in the back of my head: “And now? How do I actually make it as a teacher?”. 

Well, I wish I knew because back then no teacher had really explained to me how to concretely make it happen. Also, as you know, finding a job as a teacher is not exactly like a walk in the park. Regular studios often receive several applications from many aspirant teachers, so how do I make my profile stand out? 

But the truth is that we're all starting somewhere, the trick is just to apply to a position using the right strategy.

Are you too dreaming about landing a job as a yoga instructor? Whether you’re just embarking on your teaching journey or a more seasoned instructor, you should ensure to carve out some time to create a professional-looking resume that encapsulates your knowledge and love for yoga. 

So take a deep breath in, breathe out and dive in to explore how to make an appealing yoga teacher resume in three easy steps… 

Choose a good template

The recipe for the perfect resume includes two key ingredients: catchy aethatic+strategic writing. Let’s first focus on the aesthetic, because having an appealing resume starts with a catchy yet clean and simple design. So for this reason, my tip would be to always use a template, as it allows people like me, who are not professional graphic designers to pick and customise your resume in a snap. 

I personally encourage you to use Canva, an amazing platform that among other features, offers a huge choice of cool ready-made resumes. Otherwise, simply try to google “yoga teacher resume” and see if you can find a design that appeals to your taste and needs. 

What’s also crucial to the design of the resume is adding a professional-looking picture of yourself performing a pose or a simple close-up of your face. Remember that it’s always important to add a profile pic because it creates connectedness and it makes your resume more authentic, more yours.

Text Learn How to Make the Perfect Yoga Teacher Resume

Be concise and informative

As I said, alongside aesthetics, what should come into play when creating the perfect resume is using strategic, informative writing. The first move is to include a mission statement at the top of your resume that describes who you are, what you do, and your vision of teaching. This is the chance for you to prove you have a strong motivation and devotion to the practice of yoga. 

Then make sure your resume has a detailed section on your education and training so that studio owners know you’re qualified to teach. Make sure you include also your Yoga Alliance certification, the number of hours you have completed, and where you trained. For example, you could write all the useful info in a logical, well-organized order:

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Green Yoga International

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2018

Plus, remember to add a section that shows your transferable skills: do you have a college degree, a massage certification, or any training in healing arts or do you know how to play a particular instrument? Put it on there too. 

Show your range of styles, and include any experience teaching pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, fitness, or dance. Finally, don’t forget to add a section that provides your contact information and social media so that studio owners and retreat organizers can easily reach out to you. 

Add a cover letter

Ultimately, I’d like to remind you that it’s always good to add a cover letter to your resume. Let’s say that a well-written cover letter is like the cherry on top of your application: simply use it as a way to introduce yourself a bit more, give a deeper insight into your vision, explain why teaching yoga is your career objective, and describe all the relevant skills and accomplishments. 

Cover letters are truly a great tool to further explain more about you as a person and as a teacher: this way you’re creating a more human bond with the reader and when there’s connectedness there’s empathy. And with empathy, you can break the wall of anonymity and the reader can easily perceive your motivation and better understand your true skills. 

So write up a thorough, passionate cover letter and send it with your resume. No need to overdo it though, just keep it simple and real. Otherwise, if the position you’re applying to doesn’t require one, a few sentences in an email will do just as fine!

Wrapping up…

So we’ve seen how a good, well-rounded resume can truly give added value to your teaching profile and help you land your dream job. Try to keep in mind that you’re using it as a chance to prove that you’re driven by genuine motivation and you also have a solid set of knowledge and skills that supports your application.

I hoped this article has shed some light on the topic and I wish you all the best in your exciting career as a yoga instructor!

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Ludovica Picardi
Ludovica Picardi is a young writer and passionate yoga student who found her path through Yoga several years ago under the warm sun of Italy and never stopped practicing since then. She also has a deep love for nature and yoga’s philosophy, as she sees yoga as an extremely powerful tool that can help us connect not only with ourselves but also with the outside world.

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