Marketing Your Yoga Teaching with Blogs

When we think of marketing ourselves in 2020, we usually opt for the quick poster on select Facebook groups, an Instagram post, or a boosted page to reach more people. While getting the word out there quickly is important, making short blurbs about yourself here and there cannot replace quality content that reflects on your essence as a teacher. A blog is still the best option to present your voice as a teacher.

Once you’ve built trust, establish rapport with your existing clients as well as your potential ones, they become more interested in your live and life events. 

Ann Hadley, author of the best selling book Everybody Writes says “In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are.” Today, a good piece about your passions will resonate more with people who are interested in your work, or curious people who become enthralled because of your articles. In my experience, it’s my writing that has gained me clients. Whether it’s from the captions I put on my Instagram pictures, actual pieces I wrote for my site, or right here on Momoyoga. It was an essential stepping stone for me. 

What can a blog do for your business? 

According to google a blog can create conversions, connect people to your brand, establish your brand as an industry leader, SEO optimization, all good things but it sounds very cold. A blog can be so much more than just about the numbers. Here is how I see what a blog can do:

  • A blog can resonate your passions 
    We became Yoga teachers because we wanted a job that we loved. No aspiring yoga teacher said that they wanted to be to be a millionaire. Tell that story. What made you decide to share your practice with others? What compelled you to help people? What drives you, enriches your life? When we tell these stories, they are potentially thought provoking. Which leads to curiosity, relevance, ultimately raising your following. 
  • Build trust with your readers 
    The more you care the more they come. Authenticity is a very high commodity in the online world. Also very hard to come by. When you write, you offer more value to your name. Readers will look to you for certain topics they want to learn about. Building trust results in referrals. 
  • Keep your followers connected with the events in your life 
    Once you’ve built trust, establish rapport with your existing clients as well as your potential ones, they become more interested in your live and life events. From there you can start selling products. 
  • Show that you care about what you do 
    I know of some yoga teachers who are basically sales associates. They pitch a product every few days and with a life lesson on day 3. It’s very formulaic. If I notice it, chances are others see the pattern as well.  providing quality, original content grows your reputation. Taking the time to create a valuable piece by voice, video, these can become more important to you than your actual ads.
  • After all that, you’ll have built your brand story 
    I believe that building your name takes time. Time you need for wrapping your head around your expectations and where your career takes you from start to middle. We tell our story. Our unique tale of what motivates us to rise, the things we believe in and the surprises that happen along the way. That takes time. So don’t be in such a rush to make your ROI. Give your career and you the time to evolve. 


What is it like to have a blog?

A blog is the scariest and most joyful thing you can make as a yoga teacher. You are willingly making yourself more vulnerable with every word–to be published forever as long as the internet is alive. It took me some time to get over these fears, the only way to get over it is to start writing… anything. 

That blank page always intimidates me every time I’m about to start a new article. A million thoughts can send you with a 2000 word article that goes round and round or redrum typed over and over again. The only way to get over this hurdle is start typing. Maybe make an outline at first with your title and subheadings. Then fill them in little by little. Have a system. Don’t try to finish a piece in a day. In my case, It usually takes me about 2 weeks o finish something I am happy with. Give inspiration time to catch up with you. 

Your first few articles may not strike a chord at first and that’s ok. No one figures out what their audience likes the first round, for that matter no one really figures out who their audience is the first time around either. You and your readers have to grow into each other. 

Still, nothing beats your eyes or the opinion of a good friend who knows you and gets what you’re trying to say. 

If you think the blank page is intimidating, wait til it’s time to push that upload button. This is why my articles take 2 weeks! I’m always editing and re-editing. While there are tools like Grammarly to help you with your writing, It’s more for fixing typos. I’m talking about the free version of course. I have yet to invest in the pro. Still, nothing beats your eyes or the opinion of a good friend who knows you and gets what you’re trying to say. 

Your content will feel like your babies once it’s out there. You will love them and you will want to show them off. Even the ugly ones. Every time you look back on your blog list you’ll think of them fondly. These were your thoughts put into action. You also improve after every article you write. You take less time, you also instinctively edit as you create. A skill that wouldn’t have been developed if you didn’t clack those keys. 

What other things can you do with a blog

  • Announce your events 
    By making a page dedicated to your event you have the opportunity to breakdown the activities, freebies and details of your events while accepting payments right away. Convenient for client and business owner.
  • Connect with other bloggers 
    Interviewing accomplished peers in your field sends the message that you are approachable and well-connected. You’ll learn from each other, maybe even make plans to collaborate on a project someday. 
  • Connect with other businesses 
    The more you produce content, the more you network. Soon enough you’ll find resources that could help you grow your business or they find you. Maybe they’ll ask you for a paid review of their platform. You never know. 
  • Consultation services 
    Establishing yourself as an expert in your field, permits you to charge for your knowledge. You can do one-one consultations via Skype, personal coaching, etc. 
  • Online courses 
    Probably the fastest growing passive income industry for all yoga teachers. Tying up your website with a teaching platform like Udemy or Teachable making an online course for your brand of yoga may be one of the most lucrative ways for your career. As long as your build your rep first. The competition is fierce.
  • Linking your site to social media or other channels 
    An oldie but a goodie. Again don’t waste your posts. Always find a way to branch your content out as far as you can. Whether it’s a tutorial, quote, article, or pic.

 As a starter blogger what can I expect from my site

Nothing happens overnight. This aspect of being a yoga teacher is like having a yoga practice. It takes time, thought, and reflection on your part. An intellectual practice for you and your business. Don’t expect results after a year or two but don’t fret. Not everything is so far away. The immediate aspects of your blog will be 

  •  A place for you to build trust with your potential students and readers 
  •  Announce your workshops and talk about the results after
  •  Review an investment you made that relates to your site ( like an app or camera )
  •  An outlet for your progress
  •  A place to practice creating content

 Bottom line you have to care about you and your readers. No matter what the numbers say. They will come. Blogging or marketing is not about your talent as a writer. It’s partly about having passion, being of service to others and Caring about it all. When you look at it from this perspective then everything else will follow. 

Your yoga business has the potential to become a powerfully positive part of your students’ lives. Momoyoga is a simpler and easier way to manage your yoga classes, bookings, payments and yogis all in one place. Try Momoyoga 30 days for free
Jennifer Yusi
My name is Jennifer Yusi. Vinyasa/Aerial yoga instructor, writer for Momoyoga, founder of I believe in the fusion of yoga with different forms of movement. In my downtime, I like hiking, painting and karaoke.

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