3 Tips for Offering Online Content for Your Yogis

Nowadays there is so much competition among yoga studios and online yoga content providers that it's more important than ever to stay relevant, stay valuable to your students, and to offer them additional resources that make them choose you over anyone else in town or in the marketplace. Offering great online content to your students is one way to help accomplish this.

If you don’t already have an online presence, this is the first step in being able to offer valuable and engaging additional content to your students. Make sure that your studio has a website in place, a Facebook, and an Instagram (5 Tips on How to Use Instagram for Your Yoga Studio) at the very least. From there spreading the word about your platforms, getting current students to “like” your pages and engage with your studio from there will help immensely once you start offering online content to your students.

A lot of these practical ways to offer online content don’t take long and can be a creative way to express yourself as a studio and a business as well. 

If you already have all of these practices in place then you’re ahead of the curve and can start to create and publish online content for your students that will keep them coming back to your online pages and your physical studio.

Here are some ways that you can offer online content to your students in a way that they will appreciate and love.

1. Blog posts with sequences

A fun and easy way to engage students and give them resources they will not only use, but return to again and again is to create blog posts with sequences. These sequences can be themed for specific peak poses, seasons of the year, times of the day, etc., and can be as short or as long as you’d like. Ideally, these sequences will have pictures to go with each pose and short descriptions for cueing and alignment that will help your students be able to perform them at home. Have different teachers create the sequences, be in the photos, and add their own words to the post to create diversity in these posts. You could also add these curated sequences to a monthly newsletter instead of having them public on your website if you’d like to keep these resources more exclusive to the students that already come to your studio or are subscribed to your newsletter. 

Yoga Offering Online Content Yogis

2. Instagram live

Having a weekly Instagram live where rotating teachers either teach a short class or answer students questions about a specific asana or common yoga issue they find in their practice is a great online offering. These Instagram lives can be as short as ten or twenty minutes but will make your students feel heard and taken care of beyond what they already feel from taking classes at your studio. Schedule these Instagram lives for a consistent time and day of the week and they are sure to gain a following quite quickly.

3. Online classes

Offering online classes on a platform like Vimeo or Youtube is a wonderful way to offer online content and keep studios engaged when they can’t attend a class in person or are travelling. You can create classes that are just ten minutes long or offer full-length classes on an online provider. This type of platform offers a lot of flexibility and can be a fun way for your teachers to reach out to new and returning students. Certain platforms also allow you to only release all or specific videos to members as well, so there’s the possibility of including online content as a part of a membership package at the studio as well. 

Offering online content is a way to keep your studio relevant, stay ahead of the competition both among other brick and mortar studios and the online yoga market, and let your students know that you appreciate them and want to offer them more. A lot of these practical ways to offer online content don’t take long and can be a creative way to express yourself as a studio and a business as well. In my eyes offering fun, enjoyable, and valuable online content is a win for everyone. 

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Kaitlyn is a yoga teacher and writer who loves combining those two passions to reach even more people. She loves being outdoors, exploring new places.

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