The Best Yoga Podcasts To Uplevel Your Yoga Teaching (& Your Self-Practice)

Only a few years ago, there was an app for everything; now, there is a podcast for everything! 

If you're passionate about becoming the best yogi and yoga instructor you can be and are looking for your next podcast fix, this list is for you.

As an experienced yoga teacher and avid podcast listener, I regularly listen to yoga podcasts made exclusively for yoga instructors. You won't believe what you can learn from a podcast, like how to start building a website, email marketing hacks, and strategies to prevent yoga teacher burnout.

And because knowledge should be shared, read on to learn the seven best podcasts for yoga teachers.

Top 7 Best Podcasts For Yoga Teachers

Whether you've just graduated and are looking for guidance or are a seasoned instructor seeking to refine your teaching skills, you'll find your next favorite podcast in the list below!

The Connected Yoga Teacher 

I've been listening to The Connected Yoga Teacher by Shannon Crow since I first became a yoga teacher (over five years ago!) This long-running yoga podcast never fails to deliver, as host Shannon Crow consistently brings relevant episodes each and every week.

The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast covers all yoga teaching topics, like preparing for a YTT, managing your yoga business, and incorporating yogic philosophy into your classes. 

There are also episodes with experts in many niche fields, such as yoga for menopause, trauma-informed yoga, and Ayurveda. In fact, most episodes follow an informal interview structure where Shannon chats with prominent figures in the yoga and wellness industry. So, if you want to learn from the best, this is the podcast to follow!

Yoga Teacher Resource

Another podcast on my frequently played Spotify list is the Yoga Teacher resource by Mado Hesselink. I've followed Mado for a long time as I'm drawn to her authentic, relatable nature, and I love the topics she covers.

On Yoga Teacher Resource, you'll find powerful episodes titled 'Listen to this before you quit teaching,' 'How to live your yoga,' and '5 lessons from my social media break.' So wherever you are in your yoga teacher journey and whatever challenge you are currently dealing with, you'll find it discussed on the Yoga Teacher Resource.

Another thing I like about this podcast is that it features actual coaching calls. Mado themes some episodes around conversations she has had with your coaching clients and includes their on-call discussion, including her advice. This is super cool because if you resonate with the problem, it's like getting free coaching!

The Yogipreneur

I came across yoga business coach Kelly McHugh early in my teaching career and always found her animated Youtube videos full of brilliant advice and inspiration. So I was thrilled to see her launch the Yogipreneur podcast in 2019.

If you are getting your yoga teaching career off the ground, trying to discover your niche, or looking to pivot your business, this is the yoga podcast for you. On Yogipreneur, Kelly shares her tried and tested strategies for getting clear on who you want to serve, crafting yoga offerings that feel authentic to you, and going from a struggling yogi to a thriving one!

TEXT The Best Yoga Podcasts To Uplevel Your Yoga Teaching (& Your Self-Practice)


On Yogaland, former Yoga Journal editor Andrea Ferretti joins forces with yoga teaching partner Jason Crandell to deliver insightful and down-to-earth conversations about the challenges of the yoga industry. What I like about this podcast is how they don't shy away from controversial topics and can give multiple perspectives.

Yogaland also addresses many common beliefs taught in yoga teacher training courses and questions whether they are true. If you love to question the status quo and explore all angles on a subject, you'll adore Yogaland. Check out the episodes 'Is Stretching Really Good For You?' and 'Do Twists Detoxify?'

Yogaland also has a segment called "Yoga Teacher's Companion." Here they break down the alignment of asanas, share variations for the not-so-accessible poses, and explain the best way to prepare for challenging asanas like the Splits pose. With the wealth of knowledge Andrea and Jason bring to the table, you don't have to be a recent graduate to learn something new here.

Redefining Yoga

Redefining Yoga by Lara Heumann is another fab yoga podcast to add to your library. Every Wednesday, she does a Q&A episode where she answers questions from her listeners on a range of yoga topics. If you have a burning question, you can email or message Lara to get it answered on the show too.

Aside from the Wednesday Q&A episodes, Lara creates monthly motivation-based episodes. There are also many interview episodes with renowned doctors, therapists, authors, and holistic practitioners, giving the podcast a focus on health and wellness. If you're interested in learning how the mind works, how to help students manage chronic pain or hot topics like myofascial release, you'll find Redefining Yoga nothing less than insightful.

Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.OM)

If your goal is to build a thriving yoga business or gain financial freedom from what is commonly known to be a low-paid career, check out M.B.OM. On this podcast, Amanda Kingsmith combines her yoga expertise and business knowledge to help fellow yogis create and run impactful, sustainable, and flourishing yoga businesses. 

On Mastering the Business of Yoga, you'll find topics like shifting your teaching online, planning and promoting a workshop, and tips for running a thriving yoga studio. There is also tons of excellent content around money and finances, from cultivating a money mindset of abundance to getting your head around taxes.

So, whether you're just launching your yoga biz or looking to elevate your earnings and reach, M.B.OM will prove an incredible resource to which you will surely want to binge-listen.

Your Yoga In English

If you’re a non-native yoga teacher, you’ll know just how challenging it can be to teach in a language that is not your mother tongue. If this is you, the podcast “Your Yoga In English” by Enga Unite will make you feel seen, understood, and not alone!

In this podcast, founder Annie helps you build confidence in teaching yoga in English while sharing tons of tips on grammar, cues, and the words you should and should not use in class. This podcast is also for you if you’re building a multilingual yoga business as Annie shares her tips and advice on teaching in multiple languages.

Final Thoughts On Best Podcasts For Yoga Teachers

While there are more than seven fantastic yoga podcasts out there, to prevent content-overwhelm, start with a few of these podcasts. They publish new episodes regularly and have an extensive library of existing content, so listen on your commute, while walking the dog, and when cooking dinner!

Gemma Clarke
Gemma Clarke is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and freelance wellness writer. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience through movement and words. Aside from helping others find more peace and stillness, Gemma is an advocate for stray cats and fosters orphaned kittens for a local animal rescue center.

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