The Considerations of Becoming a Yoga Teacher

When practicing yoga, we sooner or later come to experience its benefits in our daily lives. And we want to spread the word. We’ll most likely start telling everyone how yoga has helped us and inviting our loved ones to join us in class. And some of us will have the desire to take it a step further. To dive deeper and start sharing this miraculous practice with others. With our own students.

It’s actually not uncommon to feel this calling. If you are in this place right now, you might already be dreaming of quitting your day job and starting teaching yoga for a living. Be careful though. Because some people tend to idealize being a yoga teacher. I’m not saying that it’s the hardest job. Nor that it’s not worth it. It can in fact turn out to be the job of your dreams. But there are some things you need to consider before deciding to take up this career path. You need to make sure that you have weighed all the pros and cons.

And that’s what we are going to do today. Read on! 

The Considerations 

The cost of training

First of all, becoming a yoga teacher requires attending at least one yoga teacher training. 200-hour teacher trainings are currently the minimum requirement to be recognized as a yoga teacher. Such trainings are rather costly, with their prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. So, we are more or less talking about an investment.

And it probably won’t be a one-off. The truth is that if you want to be a good yoga teacher, training needs to be an ongoing process one way or another. And apart from the money you’ll have to spend, this means that you’ll have to fully commit and devote lots of time and effort. Then again, it is an investment that will pay off, as every little workshop or training you attend will be taking your teaching to the next level. 

The limited and unstable income

When working at a studio, yoga teachers typically get paid a fixed amount per hour, and they are sometimes given a bonus depending on how many students show up in class. Given that your body has a physical limit, and teaching yoga from morning till evening isn’t really an option, earning a full-time income when first starting out will be hard to achieve. But, as you gain experience, you’ll get to manage your time and energy better. And of course, your income will increase too.

Yoga studios also don’t operate all year long. Same thing goes for personal sessions. This means that you’ll need to keep in mind that there will be specific periods when you’ll have little to no income, like during Christmas holidays and summer vacation. With some good planning though, this will be no real problem. 

You’ll get to see the calmness in their eyes and the smile on their faces at the end of practice day by day. And there is nothing more fulfilling than this!

The time on the road

When starting out as a yoga teacher, you will most likely be working at different yoga studios and teaching private sessions all at the same time. This means that there will be lots of running up and down, to get you from one place to the next. And you won’t get paid for this travel time. You can do your best, though, to limit it. Or choose to teach online and don’t worry about it at all. 

The stage fright

As a yoga teacher, you are in a leadership position. For some, this is no problem. For others, though, standing in front of an audience can be frightening. If you are a shy person, you need to consider if you can take the pressure of all eyes being set on you. Keep in mind, though, that this pressure eventually goes away. And there are a few never-failing things you can do to gain some confidence, like start recording yourself or teaching your friends and family first.

The administrative work

Yoga teachers are basically freelancers, and as freelancers they have to run their businesses themselves. This means that they have to decide on their prices, manage their finances, answer phones, email clients, be organized – especially if they work at multiple places – have great customer service skills, update their social media and promote themselves the best way they can. All by themselves – at least at first. The good news is that when you put all this effort into something you really love, it doesn’t really feel like work.

The responsibility 

Being a yoga teacher translates to being mindful of the yoga teachings at any given time of the day. It means actually being all the things you teach. And this can be too much pressure for many people. At the same time, as a yoga teacher, you are expected to create a welcoming place for your students, having their safety as your top priority. As practicing yoga can both heal and harm, teaching yoga comes with a great deal of responsibility. However, the feeling of knowing that your students are in good hands is very special.

The sacrifices

When teaching yoga for a living, you’ll probably have to say goodbye to things like having a steady meal schedule, or partying the night before an early morning class. You will have to be available at times that others are not working like holidays or weekends. Moreover, teacher trainings and retreats are mostly carried out on weekends, which means that you’ll probably won’t be able to do many things others do. However, you are your own boss, which means that you get to decide how much free time you will have. And it is up to you to make this time count.


Why Go For It

Because doing what you love for a living is really a blessing. If you are passionate about teaching yoga, you are probably also willing to pour your heart into it and do your best to make it happen. And you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of being a yoga teacher. 

One thing is that, as a yoga teacher, you will be surrounded by a community that loves yoga. You will get to spend your day sharing your beloved practice with people who have chosen to bring yoga into their lives. You’ll get to see the calmness in their eyes and the smile on their faces at the end of practice day by day. And there is nothing more fulfilling than this!

But apart from this, you’ll get to witness your students’ progress day after day. You’ll get to watch them grow through their practice. And it’s so rewarding to know that you are part of their journey. That what you do has helped somehow. 

And the list goes on! Yoga is growing in popularity across the world. This means that there is a growing demand for yoga teachers. And with online yoga, things have gotten even easier, as you can now easily reach out to a larger audience.

Furthermore, there is the benefit of having a healthier lifestyle. Yoga teachers don’t sit in front of a computer screen for hours each day. They don’t have to attend long meetings or meet strict deadlines. They are on a constant move, running from one yoga studio to a private lesson and then another yoga studio, and spending several hours on the mat. And they build a stronger and more flexible body day by day, while maintaining a calmer mind.

At the same time, becoming a yoga teacher will take your interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills to the next level. The exposure teaching yoga involves will help you find your voice. And having to take care of administrative work, manage your finances, and be responsible for marketing yourself will help you become your best boss ever. 

Another great advantage of teaching yoga is that you’ll get to enjoy freelancers’ flexibility, as you’ll be able to create your own schedule yourself, by picking the hours that best work for you. You’ll get to choose from teaching at yoga studios, private lessons or online, or even travel around the world. And maybe one day you’ll end up opening your own studio or organizing yoga retreats at the most beautiful places. The possibilities are endless! 

Final Thoughts

Being a yoga teacher is like a dream job to many. However, becoming one requires a lot of time, effort and money. So, if you are thinking of following this career path, you first need to clearly set your intention. You need to know why you want to become a yoga teacher. Then, you’ll know if it’s for you.

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Magda Chatzinaki
Magda Chatzinaki is a writer and yoga teacher, on a mission to spread the bliss! She believes that there is great joy in the little things in life. When she’s not writing or practicing yoga, she’s probably somewhere biking, enjoying nature or hanging out with her loved ones.

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