Yoga Workshops and Studio Events to Boost Popularity

Keeping current students satisfied and regularly attending the studio, as well as trying to create excitement concerning your studio and bring new students in can be a tricky thing to figure out as a studio owner or manager. Within today’s health and wellness/fitness sector, there is competition not only between other yoga studios in the area, with additional new studio’s opening everyday, but now studios also have to compete with all of the free and paid yoga instructional content that students can access online. So with all of this competition how can your studio stay relevant, boost popularity in your community, and keep current and new students excited about practicing and paying for services?

So with all of this competition how can your studio stay relevant, boost popularity in your community, and keep current and new students excited about practicing and paying for services?

Workshops and events that differentiate your studio, keep things fun and exciting, and also offer different types of yoga practice can be the key to keeping the studio exciting and students actively engaged. Offering them new services with fun and informative content that will not only expand their yoga practice but also your business serves everyone involved.

While listening to what the students in your community want when it comes to workshops and events can be most helpful to figuring out what types of new services to offer, here is a list of workshop and event ideas to get the conversation going and maybe inspire you to schedule something for your own studio in the near future.

1. Yoga Glow Event

A fun event for your studio is a yoga glow event or “yoga rave”. Get a DJ, make a great funky playlist, get everyone to dress in neon and decorate the studio with black lights and glow sticks. Make it a nighttime event and market it as a fun party that you get to wear your yoga pants to.

2. Bringing in a seasoned or well known teacher

Especially with the popularity of yogis on social media and the internet, bringing in a well known yoga teacher who has somewhat of a following can be a great way to differentiate your studio, show what kind of instructors you can pull in, and what you are willing to offer your students. Do your research and see if any of these yoga teachers live nearby and if they would be willing to host a one day or a weekend workshop.

3. Yin or Restorative workshop

Taking time to allow your students to dive deeper into yin or restorative yoga can be a great way to promote self care, show your compassion towards your students and also feature a different type of yoga. Make this event a few hours long so you can have a long practice and lots of explanation.

4. Yoga anatomy workshop

“Yoga nerds” will love having a workshop or two devoted to yoga anatomy so that they can go deeper into what is going on in their body in certain poses, what might be causing pain or injury, and how they can use knowledge of anatomy and alignment to enhance their own practice.

5. Seasonal yoga events

Creating different workshops that reflect certain astrological events, such as full moons or new moons, or workshops that reflect a change in season can be a great way to stay in tune with what is happening in the world around us but also a great opportunity to connect with new and existing students.

Wrapping up

Events and workshops are a fun and exciting way to bring the yoga community together, make your studio stand out and shine, and keep new and existing students to your studio happy and excited to practice there again and again.

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Kaitlyn is a yoga teacher and writer who loves combining those two passions to reach even more people. She loves being outdoors, exploring new places.

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