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Momoyoga acquires French booking platform Yoga&Me

Momoyoga, announced today the acquisition of Yoga&Me, the leading French booking platform for yoga classes. With the acquisition, Momoyoga strengthened its position in France.

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Momoyoga and Yoga&Me help customers manage their yoga business online. Both companies serve the same global market of yoga teachers and yoga studio owners. Originally, Yoga&Me has a specifically strong presence in their home country of France. The acquisition is a next step for Momoyoga to expand their position in France and neighboring European countries. Continuing their mission to serve the global yoga community and share the practice of yoga worldwide.

“The acquisition of Yoga&Me really aligns with our mission to provide a home for every yoga teacher.”

“We could not think of a better successor for our customers. Momoyoga shares the same values that Charlie and I have been using on our journey in creating and growing Yoga&Me.” says Soleyne Joubert, co-founder of Yoga&Me.

“The acquisition of Yoga&Me really aligns with our mission to provide a home for every yoga teacher. We are thankful for all the great work Soleyne and Charlie did for the French yoga community.” says Ingo Oszkinat, co-founder of Momoyoga.

About Momoyoga: Momoyoga is a Dutch software company, operating in the global yoga and wellness market. The company was founded in 2016 by Joost Gielen and Ingo Oszkinat. More than 5,000 yoga teachers in over 60 countries are using Momoyoga on a daily basis. The Momoyoga app is being used by half a million consumers worldwide. More info at: 




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