Run a more efficient studio

Momoyoga gives you the records you need to better understand the performance of your classes, pricing options, and teachers so you can grow your studio.

Oversee yogis and classes over any given period

Momoyoga gives you real-time stats at a glance. Keep tabs on the number of classes, attendees, unsold spots, average spots sold, and new sign-ups over any given period of time with your own yoga studio statistics. 

Oversee orders and payments over any given period

Follow online transactions, keep track of the number of sold memberships & class passes and your total revenue. Both you and your yogis have easy access to invoices in PDF format.


Oversee estimated turnover for each teacher and given class

Know which numbers matter most to each teacher in your studio. See how much each teacher earns per taught class and always be in the know of how much you need to pay out.

Export and download your studio records

Export yoga, teacher, order and payment data for your own records. Discover what works and where is room for improvement.


See what else you can do


Online booking

Momoyoga gives your yogis the opportunity to book and pay for their next class whenever they want.



Decrease your workload. Make your job easy with a waitlist and automated messages.



Receive payments today. Handle transactions while you’re out teaching yoga.

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