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Community & Support manager

Tilburg, September 21th 2017 (submission closes on October 11th 2017)

At Momoyoga we are a small team, but we have big dreams! Our mission: To create the best online assistant for yoga studios worldwide.

Not too long ago, this was only just a good idea.

By now, we are in daily contact with customers all around the world. Among others with studios in America, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway and of course the Netherlands. This makes us very happy.

Working with yoga teachers and yoga studio owners is great, it makes you happy. We receive daily namastés and soothing greetings from our users. We very much would like to keep it that way.

And this is where we need your help.

We are looking for a Community & Support manager who is taking the responsibility contact with all current and future customers, the yoga studios.

  • Someone who is capable of getting things done independently, or with the team. Someone who is productive and focused on tangible results.
  • Someone who can listen well and convert feedback into creative ways to help our customers. Someone who is not only in contact with the customers, but is also building the knowledge-base.
  • Someone who writes easy, fun and smooth. Who is at least perfectly mastering Dutch, and reasonably English writing as well.
  • Someone who sees beyond just customer contact. Someone who can convince new customers and customers about using Momoyoga with enthusiasm.
  • Someone who likes to have freedom to plan your own time and is able to handle this. You are able to work from our studio, from home or a holiday address. We do not care, as long as we receive namastés.
  • Someone who is constantly looking for ways to do something better or smarter. Preferably with a passion for everything online.
  • Someone who is caring, accurate and complete. Someone who reads all the bullets.

Are you the person we are looking for? Do not hesitate and contact us. We would like to drink a cup of tea to have a chat, or coffee if you prefer ;)

Momoyoga today is still a very small company. We offer a modest salary, but we are creative where it comes to freedom in working hours and additional rewards. Mail to Ingo

The details at a glance: Momoyoga is looking for a full time Community & Support manager in Tilburg. We're looking forward to you!

No recruiting please in response to this job offer.

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