Slow and Center Vinyassa Yoga: Online Link
Jueves, febrero 2 • 6:00 p. m. - 7:15 p. m.
Dawn MotherHeart
Dawn studied at the first organized school of yoga in the world, The Yoga Institute and has been teaching for almost 27 years. She believes that unlearning conditioning is important along side of learning and reclaiming a deep sense of self trust.
Many vinyassa yoga practices are paced in a way that doesn’t allow for a full breath. This is not one of them. With long pauses to rest deep within yourself, this slow vinyassa feels like a moving meditation as it builds strength without force or strain. Trauma informed and IFS informed, this is a wonderful way to build confidence in your body, while learning how to be in conversation with what the body is saying-sometimes that will be to linger in a practice, other times that may be to branch off and move intuitively. Other times that will be to leave a practice that doesn’t feel supportive. You will be given the support to practice deeper self-care, while being held in the slow rhythm of the class.