Slow and Center Vinyassa Yoga: Online Link
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Četrtek, februar 2 • 6:00 pop. - 7:15 pop.
Dawn Smelser
Many vinyassa yoga practices are paced in a way that doesn’t allow for a full breath. This is not one of them. With long pauses to rest deep within yourself, this slow vinyassa feels like a moving meditation as it builds strength without force or strain. Trauma informed and IFS informed, this is a wonderful way to build confidence in your body, while learning how to be in conversation with what the body is saying-sometimes that will be to linger in a practice, other times that may be to branch off and move intuitively. Other times that will be to leave a practice that doesn’t feel supportive. You will be given the support to practice deeper self-care, while being held in the slow rhythm of the class.