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PHP Backend Developer

Tilburg (the Netherlands)

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PHP Backend developer at Momoyoga. Work from home at a fast-growing SaaS company and manage hundreds of thousands of users every day. 

"We help yoga teachers worldwide find balance in studio management."

At Momoyoga we are a relatively small team, but we have big dreams. Our mission? To help people find balance. This by creating the best management software for yoga studios worldwide. And with this, we need some assistance. We are searching for the right person to join us in our quest to conquer the (yoga) world.

We are a creative and product-customer-minded team. We are ambitious though modest. We value the individual behind every team member. We want to build a great product, but also create a great working environment where we enjoy working together and growing the company.

What am I going to do? 🤔

  • You will work on the main Momoyoga backend application which powers our platform.
  • You will create new features in collaboration with the product team.
  • You will refactor existing bits and features, to make them faster, more powerful or easier to use.
  • You will work with external platforms from our partner PSP’s, other SaaS solutions we integrate with, and much more.
  • If it piques your interest, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on our mobile app and frontend as well.

What skills do I need? 📋

The following technical skills need to fit you perfectly:

  • You need to know PHP inside-out and feel comfortable with it’s documentation. Be interested in the improvements of the latest versions.
  • Have a thorough understanding of PHP frameworks, with a BIG pre on Symfony Framework 3.x and newer.
  • Feel yourself comfortable with MySQL/MariaDB queries that need to collect rows for thousands of customers while still being efficient.
  • Be accustomed with a containerised development environment. At least know what a Docker container is.
  • Know how to build a proper application, know what Dependency Injection is, have a rough understanding of MVC or MVVM and how to apply it.
  • Preferably have experience with writing tests so you don’t have to spend too much time fixing your own regressions.

Of course, we require someone with soft-skills as well:

  • Someone with a passion for online software. Possibly with experience at a SaaS company.
  • Someone who can collaborate with our Customer Success team.
  • Someone who can work independently, but is also a team player.
  • Someone who is flexible, and can handle change being our daily business.
  • Someone who is productive and can work towards measurable goals.
  • Someone who can manage freedom and time effectively. You should be comfortable working from our office, your home, or maybe from your holiday address if you feel the need.

What am I going to get? 🙏

In addition to a good salary and a healthy lunch when in the office, you also get:

  • MacBook Pro (available for private use too) and other needed tech gear
  • Travel costs
  • Flexible holiday leave
  • Flexible remote working
  • No set office hours

Who do I work together with? 👩‍💻

You will work directly with everyone in the Product team. This team currently holds four developers (two seniors and two juniors) a UX designer and a designer/product owner. Next you will be in direct contact with the Customer Success team and Growth team. As Momoyoga still has a relatively small team, you’ll basically work with everyone. Many of our weekly and monthly events are an all-team gathering. 


How to Apply

Sounds like a good fit for you? Don’t hesitate and email Stefan directly

Last updated: February 26, 2021