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What's New in Momoyoga

We ontwikkelen constant nieuwe functies. Alle nieuwe functies en wijzigingen worden hier (in het Engels) genoteerd. Zie je zelf verbeteringen of heb je een suggestie? Neem dan contact met ons op.

Coming soon

Video playlists

You may have a bunch of recorded videos already. Soon, we’ll enable you to create separate playlists, so you can offer access to a selection of videos, instead of your complete library.

Liability waiver

Once enabled, yogis need to be in agreement with the configured liability waiver before attending a class. Either through a pop-up in the browser, or via the mobile app!

App booking process

The new cancellation & booking window rules will be implemented in the mobile app, matching these with the browser version. We will improve the overall “booking flow”, and make it an even more yogi-friendly experience.

February 2022

New: Contact page


The perfect space to share your studio contact information with your yogis. For example, you can add your studio address and phone number. You can also add info such as opening hours, facilities at the studio (e.g. changing rooms, showers, mat, props, or towel rentals), or any information regarding parking and how to get there. Configure contact page today

New: About page


A new section to add personalized information about you and your studio. For example, you can include a biography, your studio’s mission, facilities, or any practical details you want yogis to know or read about. There’s also an option to add any kind of image you like. Giving your class schedule a more personal look and feel. Configure about page today

Momoyoga in Italian


Benvenuta Italia! We’re happy to let you know that the Momoyoga teacher environment is now available in Italian! If Italian is your native language and you’d like to enjoy a fully translated experience, reach out to us and we’ll make it happen. 🇮🇹

January 2022

New: Entry pass check


It's now possible to enable an entry pass status for your yogis. While we have named it “Entry pass status” for simplicity's sake... this could be used to identify if a yogi has completed a new student form, health waiver, acknowledgement of general terms and conditions, or even a free "new student" gift. The possibilities are endless! Add entry pass check

Status page & banner announcements

Jan-2022_status page

Even though we do everything we can to avoid bugs and outages, we can not guarantee a 100% flawless experience. However, communication is key! So here’s two things we created: The Momoyoga status page. Here you’ll find the current platform status and incident history on system performance. If there are any service interruptions, an update will be posted there. We will also update you through banner announcements on our website, as well as in the admin, teacher, and yogi environment if it’s ever needed. Go to Momoyoga status page

New booking window rules & free cancellation window  


You now have complete control over how yogis can book and cancel their classes with you. We’ve added a new booking window option: Booking in advance. This will allow you to set up a timeframe in which yogis can book a specific class in advance. Read more about the booking window

From now on, yogis will always be able to cancel a class - and depending on your settings, it may cost them a credit, or not. Read more about the cancellation window

December 2021

New & Improved Online Payments  

New Online payments

Getting paid is key and crucial to your yoga business. That's why we are excited to announce Momoyoga’s new, enhanced payment feature: Offer more international payment options to your audience, choose your payout frequency, offer refunds to yogis, access the new orders and payments page, and send a direct payment link to your yogis. Learn more about our enhanced payment feature.

November 2021

Add teacher profiles


Every teacher has a different story. Why not share these with your yogis? From now on, you can add a bio or description to every teacher profile. Talk about your view of yoga, share your training or experience, or just say ‘Hi!’ to your yogis!


Oktober 2021

Calendar integration 


We all value having a clear oversight of our day-to-day planning. Whether it’s related to business, family, or schedule in time just for you. From now on, teachers and yogis can add their classes to a calendar of choice. Learn more about our calendar integration


September 2021

Sharing classes made easy 


From now on you can easily share your class, workshop or special event directly to your social media feed or any other platform of your choosing. With this new feature, your yogis will always be up to date with your latest schedule! Take a look and find out for yourself why this is kind of a big deal


Augustus 2021

Direct link to products 


With Momoyoga, you can now offer a direct link to a product and share it with your yogis! Offer products to friends and family, to private or corporate clients, newsletter or social media, highlight products on your website... and so much more! And: you can hide them if you want to. Enabling you to only offer specials discounts for special people ✨

Out of all the ways you could use this feature- which one fits YOU best? Don’t worry. We’ve set you up with some examples


Mei 2021

Video on Demand 

6-Video on demand

We're excited to introduce Video On Demand to you. With Video on Demand, your yogis can watch pre-recorded classes at the time that suits them best. Your yogis are able to purchase access to your online video library. The videos are available 24/7 and can be used as a standalone video offering or in addition to your online yoga classes.

Maart 2021

Introducing a fresh new look for the schedule


We’ve given our schedule a fresh new look. This update went hand-in-hand with a few other improvements that you’ll notice right away, such as overall performance and improved mobile experience via the browser. Tip: Head over to your yogi profile for a quick view of what has changed.

Yogis can now see teacher profile photos 📸

3-Profile photos

Yogis can now instantly see who is teaching the class on your schedule! If you want your yogis to see your smiling faces on your schedule, you can add profile photos! Find out more about adding profile photos.

Yogis can access the pricing page without registering


Yogis can look into your pricing and products without needing to register or log in first. Yogis will be able to take a look at your schedule as well as your pricing before committing to any purchases. You can also directly link to your pricing page from your website or social media by sharing the link!

Febuari 2021 

Exporting data has never been easier


Your data export from yogis, teachers, and orders & payments will be generated a lot faster from now on. You’ll be able to select Excel, CSV, and TSV formats for all exports and select a date range for the teacher export.

Admin fully translated to French 🇫🇷


Yogis have already been able to experience Momoyoga in their native language for a while. Now, we’re excited to announce that French-speaking users can now enjoy a fully translated Momoyoga (admin) experience. Is your preferred language not yet an option in Momoyoga? Let us know! We’ll keep adding new languages based on our users’ needs.  

Januari 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved: Add additional bank account details: For payments, an important change was done, especially for studios from the UK (some payment requests were denied since Brexit). It’s now possible for yogis to add extra (optional) address details to their bank account.
  • Improved: Waitlist labels on the schedule are now orange instead of green
  • Fixed: HTML in the class description now works again
  • Fixed: When adding a yogi to a pay-what-you-want class, you don’t need to add a product anymore
  • Fixed: Money notation for Japanese Yen has been fixed
  • Fixed: Yogi product expiry emails are now being sent even if the yogi has other active products
  • Fixed: In the export of orders and payments, the payment status is correct again
  • Fixed: When creating a new class it displays the correct time

December 2020

New: Product selection for waitlists


The waitlist functionality has been improved to make sure a yogi is booked into a class with the right product. Yogis can select (or buy) a product when booking a spot on the waitlist. The selected product will be added when the yogi is booked from the waitlist into the class. If the product is out of credits by the time the class comes around, the booking will be done without a product and the studio will be notified by email.

More about creating waitlists

November 2020

Language improvements


We have improved the way we add new languages to Momoyoga. We’re proud to have people from all over the world using Momoyoga and we’re constantly improving our product for international users. So we’re very excited to announce that we have added 9 new languages to our schedule!

Is your preferred yogi language not yet an option in Momoyoga? Request your language and let us know. We’ll keep adding new languages based on our users’ needs.

October 2020

New yogi booking flow


In order to keep Momoyoga simple and easy to use, we have improved the yogi booking flow to make it more intuitive. For example, we’ve redesigned the page where yogis buy a product. Furthermore, if a yogi with multiple products tries to book a class, Momoyoga will ask the yogi which class pass or membership the yogi wants to use to book the class. We’ve also improved the messages to include the reason why a yogi is not able to book a class.

September 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Pay What You Want-classes available for Sofort and Bancontact payments
    We've added Bancontact (Belgium) and Sofort (Germany) as payment options for Pay What You Want-classes. To add the payment options, make sure you have enabled these in Mollie first.💫

  • Automatic Stripe Webhooks
    We are simplifying payment options to help minimise your admin time, and give your yogis a better booking experience. This is why we’ve made it much easier to link Momoyoga and Stripe together - users will need to complete fewer steps, so there’s less room for mistakes!

Augustus 2020

Improved user management


We took a technological leap at Momoyoga. In the last few months, we’ve completely rewritten our user management infrastructure. You can now be a teacher here, there and everywhere - and be a yogi booking into classes at several different studios, too!  All without having to open multiple accounts with different email addresses. Creating and switching between a teacher and a yogi account is now easier than ever. 👍🏼 

Juli 2020

Apple Pay and Google Pay available

We’ve added two new payment methods to Momoyoga. You can now have your yogis pay for classes using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Both handled via Stripe. If you have your Stripe account connected to Momoyoga, the payment methods are already up and running!

More about Apple and Google Pay  

Juni 2020

New feature: Pay-What-You-Want

Momoyoga Pay-What-You-Want

We’re excited to introduce a brand new feature this month! The new Pay-What-You-Want feature means you can now make any of the classes on your schedule open for yogis to choose how much they pay. This goes for online classes as well as your in-person offerings. 

Wait...this is the same as a donation-based class, right?

Yes. But we prefer not to use the word donation, simply because most yoga studios and teachers are businesses, not charities. You’re not accepting donations for nothing - you’re giving your yogis the opportunity to choose how much they pay for your work. 

More about how Pay-What-You-Want works

Mei 2020

Introducing a new look ✨


Our designers have been hard at work creating a new look to move with the times and keep your Momoyoga experience fresh. The most important reason is that it makes working with Momoyoga faster and more intuitive.

We hope you’re safe and well in this challenging time, and finding moments of peace in your yoga practice. If you’ve taken to the Internet to teach your usual classes online, Momoyoga is still here for you! We can help manage scheduling and bookings for your online sessions, and make this big change just a little easier. Read all about it in our definitive guide to teaching yoga online.

April 2020

Say hello to online classes


At this moment, your yogis need you more than ever. To ground, tune in, and above all, to stay healthy. We want to do everything we can to help you connect with your yogis. That’s why we’ve added online classes to Momoyoga.

Hopefully, with this new feature, we can encourage you to resume teaching. It is our mission to help yoga studios around the world, and share the practice of yoga. That’s why we hope this new feature finds you well.

More about online classes

Maart 2020

New Features

Booking Term

Add emojis to your class titles🧘🏼‍♀️💫
Get creative with emojis! From now on you can add emojis to every class title and description. Perfect for that special class that needs more attention on your schedule, or just to add a touch more personality and fun.

Booking Term

SCA requirements on credit card payments
All credit card payments ran via Momoyoga with Stripe are now 100% SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) approved. This to help reduce fraud and to ensure payments aren’t declined, we've build an extra layer of authentication into online card payments.

Februari 2020

New Features

Booking Term

Add a link to a class
From now on you can add a link to every class description. Take your yogis to more info about their chosen class, or if you’re running online sessions you can link directly to the video or class login page. 💛

Improvements and Fixes

  • New booking flow!
    We’ve improved the flow for when you add a yogi to a class, to make it more consistent, clear, and... well, flowy. 💫

  • Edit ‘Payment Confirmation’ email template
    You can now edit your ‘Payment Confirmation’ email to make it feel more like you - and you could even drop some handy class details in there for your yogis.

Januari 2020

Wordpress plugin updates 

As you know, if you use Wordpress you can embed your Momoyoga schedule into your own website. Now the class description is visible too (as well as timing and title) so your yogis can see all the info they need, clear and concise on one page. We hope this means a little less email admin for you!

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed: No more duplicated recurring memberships on the first of the month
    No more confusion, and less admin for you. 🙏

  • Member export for large studios
    Now large studios can export all data by themselves.

December 2019

Give some, get some.

You can now refer a friend to us and receive $50 in Momoyoga credit when the studio you invite becomes a customer! The studio receives an extra month of trial period.

Other enhancements 

  • When you click on a specific day in the calendar, you’ll be redirected to that particular week (instead of only showing that specific day). 🗓
  • Last month we introduced setting up memberships and class passes with fixed periods. It is now also possible to add memberships and class passes that are only valid for just one day. ✨
  • We’ve made some improvements in the flow of adding yogis to a class. Unfortunately, that made it temporarily not possible to add a yogi to a class more than once. That has been fixed.
  • A bug has been resolved, where some yogis could not cancel any classes. This bug only affected German studios and was resolved as soon as it was detected by our team. 

November 2019

New Feature

Set start and expiry dates for memberships and class passes

From now on, you can set up memberships and class passes with fixed periods. For example, instead of valid for 1 month, you can now set up memberships and class passes from i.e. January 1 to 31.

 This is useful when:

  • … you want to set up a workshop! If the workshop is on a specific day in the future, you can make your membership or class pass only available on that specific day.
  •  … you want to set up a class series! For example, if you have a special winter class series from the beginning of December until the end of January. With a set period, you’ll be sure your membership or class pass is always valid in those specific winter months! ❄️ 

Improvements and fixes

  • Orders and payments filtering is now based on invoice date instead of start date. 🗓
  • Failed recurring payments can be charged again from the orders and payments overview.
  • We’ve made improvements to the yogi registration form. Some studios were having fake yogi accounts (spambots) registering at their studio. Now with our improved reCAPTCHA, let's hope this is no longer possible! 🤞

September 2019


Improvements and Fixes

  • Improvements and fixes
    The not-always-visible-but-always-impactful work continued in September, with over 20 small bug fixes and improvements. 🛠

  • Improved passwords feature
    When a yogi forgets a password, Momoyoga now sends an email with a link that allows the yogi to set up a new password. This instead of Momoyoga sending a ready-made password.
  • Invoice date is now a thing
    Start dates and invoice dates are now (finally) separated. When you edit the start date of a class pass or membership, the date on the invoice remains unchanged. This way, the correct date is always shown on the invoice. 🗓

  • No more seeing double 🙄
    When a yogi is selecting a recurring membership on booking a class, Momoyoga no longer shows the same membership twice.

Augustus 2019

Improvements and Fixes

  • Zero TAX percentage not showing on invoices anymore
    When a class pass or membership has no TAX applied, invoices for yogis do not show any TAX percentage.
  • Deutsche Verbesserungen 🧐
    We’ve made a lot German translations fixes in our latest update.

  • Admin language is no longer switching
    For admins and teachers, the language could sometimes switch from Dutch to English. This should no longer happen.

Juli 2019

New Features

Booking Term

Your tone-of-voice in all email communication 🌸
Change the email template for every email you’ll send via Momoyoga. For example, the email sent when a yogi is booked into a class from the waitlist. Choose Edit emails from the More section to edit the default templates to your liking.

Less waiting, more doing 👏
Ok, so we’ve upgraded our core systems and tech infrastructure. ‘Big deal’, we hear you thinking 😅. Well, you will seriously benefit from it! Momoyoga is not only (a lot) faster, we’ve added the latest state of the art security as well. Regardless we only list this as the third improvement for July, we actually did pop Champagne at launch. We’ve been working over six weeks to get this major job done. Hats off to our development team!

Improvements and Fixes

  • Website integration for the online schedule is now available in more and more languages: Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.

  • The registration form for new yogis is improved. We’ve secured it to prevent false registrations (abuse) but we’ve made sure all humans will get through 😌. Using a combination of several techniques, under which Google’s brand new reCAPTCHA: ‘easy on humans, hard on bots’.
  • TAX percentage can be set to numeric values up to two decimals. The TAX percentage is not round to an absolute no more.

  • A small improvement: after booking a class, a yogi is redirected to the online schedule showing their last viewed classes again.

Juni 2019

New Features

Recurring memberships made easy 🤓
As we’ve received quite some questions on memberships 🤔, we learned it was time to go back to the drawing board. Due to it’s complexity (ouch, that word!) it made sense for us to pay more attention to this section’s UX. From now on, setting up and editing recurring memberships is a lot easier.

Improvements and Fixes

  • The reminder email is now sent out based on your timezone 🕒
    Now your yogis will always receive your reminder emails in your local time.

  • Search by yogi from a browser on your smartphone
    Before you could only search by yogi by holding your phone in landscape mode, now you can also search by yogi in portrait mode. 🖼
  • Always know which teacher assigns which pricing option
    Before, when a teacher assigned a pricing option to a yogi, there was no way of knowing who it was. Now, after a teacher assigns a pricing option and you go to the order page, the name of the teacher will appear, so you're always in the know! 🤓

Mei 2019

Teacher and yogi profile pictures are rolling out! 📸✨


Up to this point, teacher and yogi profiles have always been a bit more focused on data, since the main purpose is to give you information about given classes, purchased pricing options and classes yogis have booked.

But with the launch of teacher and yogi profile pictures, it was time to take a different, more visual approach, and the end result is finally being able to upload pictures with a smooth picture upload flow to create a more visual online studio space.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Place links in the announcement section of the schedule and class description
    Before, you could make a simple announcement that would appear on your schedule by filling out the header text field. Now, you can also place links here and in your class descriptions.
  • Download invoice from the order detail page
    You don't have to navigate to the Orders and payments overview anymore to download an invoice of an order a yogi just placed. You can easily download the invoice by editing the order from the yogi's profile. Yay for shortcuts! 👏

  • Export filtered Orders and payments view to a CSV file
    In addition to exporting a filtered Orders and payments view to an Excel file, you can now export it to a CSV file. Because having more file-saving diversity is always useful

April 2019

New Features

Booking Term

Search by invoice and select a custom date filter for exporting records
You can now search by invoice and select a custom date filter for exporting records from the Orders and Payments overview. This means that you can export any file from/to any period of time that you need records of.

Emergency contact added to yogi profile 🚑
You can now fill out emergency contact information when filling out contact details of the yogis that you add to your studio—saving you (and the paramedics) time.

Giving you and your yogis the credit you deserve
We just added a feature that allows you to update your credit card details for your Momoyoga invoices. Better late than never as they say.

Improvements and Squashed Bugs


  • Access a yogi's orders and payments overview from the order history on their profile
    We added a neat little feature (at least, we think so) that allows you to access a specific yogi's orders and payments directly from their profile by simply clicking the big blue View payments button from the yogi's Order history on their profile. 👏
  • Oversee which teacher assigns which pricing option to which yogi
    Before, you couldn't oversee which teacher assigned which pricing option to which yogi. Now, everything is under control because you finally can oversee the process. 👀
  • Notification after yogi books a class with unpaid pricing option
    If a yogi books a class with a class pass or membership that hasn't been paid for yet, a notification will now pop up that says "Don't forget to pay!" Just kidding, it will actually say "You booked Hatha Yoga on Wednesday 1 May. Please do not forget pay for this class pass." (or membership 🤓)
  • Simplified layout of recurring memberships
    There still is a lot of confusion around recurring memberships. That's why we've tried to simplify the layout for you, to save you and our team from future headaches. If a yogi has a recurring membership, the system will now display each iteration of the membership on their profile. We've also hidden the Next payment date to prevent you from accidentally making edits that cannot be undone (without our help).
  • Edit the price of a recurring membership
    We're nowhere near done improving recurring memberships. Now you can also change the price of an already created iteration of a recurring membership—provided no automatic payments have been configured for the membership.
  • Yogi invoices now indicate when they've been paid
    With a big PAID stamp. If the yogi has already paid for the class pass or membership, of course.
  • Enter the name of the studio's bank account holder
    When filling out your studio details, you can now enter the name of the bank account holder in addition to the bank account number. This is also reflected on the invoices your yogis can access.
  • Comments included in confirmation email when a new yogi signs up with your studio
    Before, when a yoga signed up with your studio and filled out any additional information on the signup form, you weren't able to read about it in the confirmation email you'd receive. Now you are. For example, the email may include "Comment from Emma: A cartoon bear on TV taught me to breathe. He was a yogi.".
  • {member-firstname}variable now included in welcome email
    If you want to add a new yogi profile and send the yogi a welcome email right away, you don't need to manually enter the name of the yogi in the welcome email anymore.
  • Header text now appears in the top of the schedule page of international studios
    Before if you would add an announcement of some sort from your Schedule settings, it wouldn't appear in the top of the schedule page of international studios. We've fixed this bug now, and if you want to make an announcement like "Out hunting easter eggs until April 22" you can.

Maart 2019

New Features

Booking Term

Low pricing, high service
March's whopper: you can now subscribe to annual billing! When you switch to annual, you'll save 20% on both the standard price and the number of teachers you add. This way, you'll save 💰 each month. Switch to Annual now!

Hot for statistics 🤓
You asked, we listened. We understand that you want to enable teachers to assign pricing options, but that you don't want them to see your studio statistics. That's why we've hidden the Statistics button even for teachers with extended access. Only the admin can access studio statistics now. 

Sharing is caring 👫
Before, you had to go out of your way to share a class with your yogis. You had to go to your schedule, and click on Share this, to share a class with your yogis. So inconvenient! We just added a Share this class link on the class page. Hurray for efficiency!

Improvements and Fixes


  • Terminology subscriptions and credits
    Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity. Or so they say. Because there was a lot of confusion around the Subscriptions and Credits terminology, we changed it. To save you and our team from any future head aches, subscriptions are now called Memberships and Credits are now called Class passes.
  • Order interface now displays booked classes
    When editing an order, the user interface now displays all the booked classes with the purchased class pass or membership on the right. Keep 'em coming!
  • Register check payments from yogis
    After many of you requested the ability to register check payments from yogis with Momoyoga, we went ahead and added this functionality to Momoyoga.
  • Last date attended now included in yogis Excel export
    Revolutions are not made for export. Except maybe at Momoyoga. Now, when you export all your yogis to an Excel file, the last date attended is displayed correctly.
  • Studio contact details: phone number added
    From now on, when yogis log in to Momoyoga and click on Help from the menu, they can access the studio's phone number from the Contact details section (if provided). This way, yogis can call the studio directly if they have any queries.

Februari 2019

New Features

Booking Term

A knack for languages
Put your nerd glasses on—we're developing our linguistic skills! We had some Norwegian and Russian lessons and decided to apply ourselves and translate the Momoyoga schedule straight away. Now our Norwegian and Russian friends can relax their eyeballs.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Say no to spam! ✋
    Some yoga studios reported that spam accounts were created with their studio. We've put this to a halt, said "NO!" and took some measures against these unwanted attacks.

  • Timezone fixes ✈️
    We're not flying over the timezone issues anymore. We landed safely, fixed the issues for Canada and all other far-west timezones, and are feeling very grounded right now.

  • Momoyoga wasn't always able to interpret Stripe's return messages correctly. This is why the system couldn't find certain orders and update their payment statuses accordingly. Now all payments finally update automatically—hooray!
  • We made a few changes to the start dates and times of classes for the display of the schedule on studio websites (that use the WordPress plugin, for example). Now classes are always displayed the same, regardless of whether they're viewed from a studio's website or the Momoyoga schedule.
  • We edited the date field for the next iteration of a recurring subscription, so now it can also be displayed in the local format of a studio. Before, this was always displayed in the European format.
  • We edited the text of the email that is sent to a studio when the system places a waitlisted yogi in a class without payment.
  • We fixed a bug for the display of 'Paid: no' on a class page. Classes that were booked in advance, that had already been paid for, were marked as 'Paid: no' (in green), even though they should have been marked as 'Paid: yes.' Now they're finally marked correctly.
  • We fixed a bug for the admin homepage; now duplicate yogi birthdays are a thing of the past.

Januari 2019

New Features

Booking Term

Plugin improvements for your schedule
We’ve made some improvements to our plugin. From now on cancelled classes are shown strikethrough. Also more information about a class will show up (for example teacher name, end time and location), when clicking on a class title.

Improvements and Fixes


  • The 'disappearing subscriptions' issue has been fixed.
  • We improved the checkout for auto-payments and direct debit payments.
  • We made a few small changes to the Stripe webhooks.
  • From now on, yogis cannot book ahead anymore with a cancelled recurring subscription.
  • IBAN bank account numbers are 'cleaned up' before they're saved from now on. This applies to both yogi and studio IBAN bank account numbers. Now, the system deletes those pesky space bar presses and punctuation marks automatically.
  • From now on, the system creates yogi invoices automatically created with a new 'prefix' for every new year starting from 2019.

December 2018

New Features

Booking Term

Set up a booking term for all classes
Next to cancellation term, it’s now also possible to add a booking term to all your classes. This way yogis can’t book classes a couple of hours before a class begins. You can adjust the amount of hours by clicking More and then Edit schedule.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Yogis can fill out/update their payment details more easily from now on, through the user menu in the online schedule.
  • When you edit the email templates now (for example, the yogi welcome email), the system checks whether the mandatory variables are present in the text. If a variable is missing, the system provides an explanation of what the variable entails.
  • When editing an order you can easily return to the yogi profile page by clicking on the name of the yogi in the title of the form.
  • Non-EU studios don’t prompt yogis to enter bank account details for recurring payments (of recurring subscriptions of autopay ofzo) this is only done by creditcard.
  • As for new Dutch tax regulation, we’ve added the 9% option as well.

November 2018

New Features

Booking Term

Plugin improvements for your schedule
We’ve made some improvements to our plugin. From now on cancelled classes are shown strikethrough. Also more information about a class will show up (for example teacher name, end time and location), when clicking on a class title.

Improvements and Fixes


  • App release 1.6.0
    The new booking term functionality is added to the Momoyoga app for yogis. Also an in-app browser is added, enabling yogis to purchase subscriptions and class passes easier from within the app.
  • Language and timezone fixes
    We’ve made a couple of translations and timezone fixes in our latest update. Also happy news for our Norwegian users — we’re about to add the Norwegian language in the upcoming update.
  • Non-binary gender selection
    Next to female and male, yogis can select other for gender, or leave blank (not wish to disclose).

Oktober 2018

New Features

Booking confirmation
A frequently requested feature is added! It is now possible to auto-send a confirmation email to the yogi after booking a class. You can activate this in the More section and then Edit email settings.

Invoices available for yogis
You don’t have to manually download and send invoices to yogis anymore. From now on, your yogis can look up their invoices in the My Schedule section.

More insight in expiring products
Configure Momoyoga to receive an email when a subscription or credits is expiring. You can activate this email for each subscription or credits.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Reusable payment details are shown in the yogi's profile for direct debit payments
  • From now on it’s possible to change your studio's bank account details.
  • Bug fix: Orders from deleted yogi profiles can be removed again.
  • A minor timezone glitch is resolved. When adding a comment to a yogi profile, the correct posting time is displayed again.

September 2018

New Features

Recurring payments
We have some great news! From now on you can receive recurring payments with Momoyoga. Setup recurring payments

Improvements and Fixes


  • We’ve added the ‘search’ feature in the yogis section for all mobile devices.
  • We've fixed an issue in the last update of the Momoyoga app, when fields ‘location' and 'room’ were too long (and made unreadable).
  • We’ve added some more data to the Excel export features. For example the gender field, invoice numbers, if you've sent payment reminders, and how many.
  • We’ve fixed a minor bug when updating free classes in a class series.
  • Recurring subscriptions can not be stopped by yogis anymore. Yogis can only make a request to stop a subscription. 
  • We’ve fixed a New Year’s bug in the calendar of January 2019.

Augustus 2018

New Features

Squarespace and Wix integration
You can now integrate your schedule to your Squarespace, Wix or WordPress website. Integrate your schedule in your website

Improvements and Fixes


  • Improved the dashboard page
    We’ve improved the dashboard page and added a birthday overview. The next update will also include an activity log, so you can always see what's happening at your studio.
  • Updated the WordPress plugin
    Now the 'book a class' link is correctly redirected to the class page.
  • Purchasing credits
    Yogis can now also choose the start date when purchasing credits.
  • And some small tweaks
    The gender entry field is no longer required. On the class page, credits and subscriptions that are not paid are shown in red, paid are shown in green. We added some shiny, new layout elements and will continue adding more in the upcoming weeks.

Juli 2018

New Features

Language support
Bonjour, hola and guten tag! To make your class schedule friendly for yogis around the globe, we’ve added even more new languages! Your schedule is now available in French, Spanish, and German.

Improvements and Fixes


  • WordPress plugin
    We've made some changes to our WordPress plugin. The view on mobile devices is significantly improved. From now on the plugin is also available for download in the official WordPress store. 
  • Internal notes
    Internal notes for yogis can now be removed. 
  • Higher security levels of our servers
    We've made improvements to the security levels of our servers. As Momoyoga is growing rapidly, we continu to do everything to ensure security and stability of the platform and your data.
  • No more overlapping classes
    Yogis can not book overlapping classes anymore.

Mei 2018

New Features

WordPress plugin
Momoyoga now offers a simple widget for you to integrate your schedule anywhere in your website. Adding the schedule is easy — you can do it in minutes. Integrate your schedule

Improvements and Fixes


  • Internal notes
    Internal notes for yogis can now be removed. 
  • Payment ID added for online payments
    You can look up the orders at your payment provider using this payment ID. 
  • Excel export functions
    Money and date columns are formatted. 
  • GDPR and Privacy updates
    As you already know, we've updated our General Terms to be compliant with the GDPR. Also we've added a new Privacy Statement. We've presented a processor agreement to all EU based yoga studios.

April 2018

New Features

Email all yogis in a class
A frequently suggested feature has been finally added. With just one click, you can now email all yogis attending a class!

Improvements and Fixes


  • Add a yogi from the waiting list
    Using the waiting list function, yogis can opt for a free spot, even if the class is already fully booked. It is now also possible for teachers to add (and remove) yogis from and to a waiting list.
  • Email reminder for yogis
    We've made some improvements to the automated email reminders for expiry of a subscription or credit pass. The email will not be sent if the yogi already purchased the subscription or credit. The email will not be sent if the subscription or credit is no longer available.
  • Invoices for yogis
    An invoice is automatically generated for each order placed by a yogi. From now, on you can edit and format your own invoice numbers.
  • App update
    We were experiencing some trouble with fully booked classes in the Momoyoga app. It now is no longer possible for a yogi to exceed the maximum spots in a class using the app.
  • Subscription restrictions per period
    From now on, yogis can find the status of their current subscription in 'My Schedule’. For example if they have a subscription with a restriction per month or per week, and the amount of classes left in the current period. 

Maart 2018

New Features

Language support
To make your class schedule more friendly to yogis around the globe, we’ve added new language settings. Next to English and Dutch, we’ve now added Danish.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Infinite classes
    As noted earlier, we’ve experienced some problems with infinite class series. Some series seemed to have been duplicated, while others got cancelled. We've resolved all issues and completely renewed the infinite class series system.
  • Registering a new yogi
    We've updated the yogi registration process. Studios can now add a yogi who is already using Momoyoga (with the same email address).
  • Cancel a class, email to teacher
    When cancelling a class, you can directly send an email to all yogis who have booked the class. Now it's also possible to send a copy of this message directly to the teacher.
  • Payment reminders
    It is possible to send yogis a payment reminder by email. From now on Momoyoga will keep track if, and how many, payment reminders you've send.
  • Exceeding the amount of yogis in a class
    If you want to add a yogi to a class that is fully booked, Momoyoga will prompt that the amount of available spots for the class will be exceeded. You can still add the yogi to the class. That's up to you.
  • Momoyoga priced in Dollars
    Non-European studios can now pay for the Momoyoga subscription in US Dollars instead of Euros.

Februari 2018

New Features

New Help Center
We're happy to announce that we have completely redesigned our Help Center to enable you to quickly find detailed feature information. Check out Help Center

Localization and country settings
Momoyoga now offers a flexible set of options for you to configure your studio’s account to local custom. This includes date notation, currency notation, timezones and more.

Printable class list
We've added a 'print class list' feature on the class page, which allows you to automatically generate a downloadable PDF file.

Improvements and Fixes


  • Bigger and faster servers
    On February 1st we've moved our platform to bigger and faster servers. This to speed up our overall service. We do everything in our power to ensure uptime and stability of the platform. This includes continuous connectivity and performance improvements.
  • Order restrictions
    When a yogi is not allowed to be booked into a class, Momoyoga now describes in more detail why the subscriptions or credits are not valid for the specific class.
  • Registration form
    The registration form for new yogis sometimes threw an unknown error. We’ve fixed this, optimized the process and it has now become more reliable. 
  • App updates
    In the last update we've fixed an issue with class titles that were too long (and made class times unreadable). Also we've fixed a issue in which the calendar displaying incorrect class times, when 'hopping' from one timezone to another.

Januari 2018

New Features

Momoyoga WordPress plugin
You can now integrate the online calendar into your WordPress website. Using the Momoyoga WordPress plugin, you can also style the schedule to your preference.

Yogis can register with multiple studios
Yogis can now register with more than one yoga studio, using just one email address. Yogis can easily switch from one calendar to another.

Improvements and Fixes


  • App updates
    We’ve optimized our app for Apple iOS 11 (and for the new iPhone X). You can refresh the class overview with a pull to refresh and we’ve also fixed a minor login problem for Android users.
  • Removed button 'all classes in the series'
    Yes, we have heard your feedback! We’ve removed some buttons and tweaked the interface here and there. From now on you can no longer by mistake remove a yogi for all classes in a series.
  • Smart search for adding yogis to classes
    We’ve added a ‘smart search’ feature on the class page, which allows you to lookup yogis quick and efficient. Instead of scrolling through the list, you can simply start typing to only show the filtered options.
  • Terms and conditions for yogis
    We’ve added confirmation of terms and conditions, when yogis register with your studio or buy new subscriptions or credits.
  • Reminder emails
    Due to heavy traffic on peak days, we’ve recently experienced some issues in sending the ‘class reminder emails’ to all your yogis. We’ve optimized the process and geared up our resources. Sending reminder emails has now become much more reliable.

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