Clarice Bowen

Clarice is a 200-RYT who earned her certification in 2023 at One Soul Yoga. She has practiced
yoga since 1990 in various locations across the globe and has attended and taught yoga retreats in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and overseas in Greece, Costa Rica, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Italy. Clarice is skilled in Hatha Yoga, familiar with Yin yoga, and restorative yoga. In addition, Clarice holds certification as a Master Herbalist and is interested in Holistic Health and wellness. Clarice feels that yoga and meditation have given her the framework for a healthy happy life, and she enjoys the practice and teachings of yoga. Clarice wants to offer the mobility and flexibility benefits of yoga to everyone. Aging with full mobility and flexibility is a personal goal of hers.

Upcoming classes

Tuesday, May 21 8:30 AM
Flow & Glow (Tuesday 8:30 am)

One Soul Yoga Studio

Thursday, May 23 8:30 AM
ThursYay Yoga Flow (Thursday 8:30 a.m.)

One Soul Yoga, Main Studio

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