Online Yoga: How to Use Video Content to Grow Your Business


This is the best time to start using video content to grow your brand. Video has been growing from strength-to-strength as a medium and is one of the most effective ways to get your message out there. 

One of the best-kept secrets about starting a business today is the importance of community.

Take Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has one of the largest yoga channels on YouTube. Recently, she launched a 30-day yoga course for her channel followers and it’s been highly successful. To date, each of her videos have over 200 thousand views!  


Is it difficult to work video into your content plan? 

Nope. It’s easier than you think.Sure, you’ll need to learn a few new concepts and perform a few new tasks, but you can do this. In this blog post, I'm sharing seven ways you can use video content to grow your brand. 

We’ll look into using video to build a community, the importance of consistency, content ideas for YouTube, and why you seriously need to consider creating your own paid membership site. We’ll also explore apps and why having one elevates your status as a yoga teacher, how to use already-created video content on social media, and why you have to think about what happens next for your ideal customer to grow your business.

Let’s get into it!

Focus on Building a Community

One of the best-kept secrets about starting a business today is the importance of community. Every successful brand understands that the loyalty they enjoy from customers centers an idea of belonging. People want to belong to something bigger than themselves.

As a yoga instructor, creating video content you can share with a larger audience makes it easier to attract people who will see your work and later pay for your content.

And when it comes to yoga and growing a business by selling yoga programs, video is a perfect choice. While it may seem slightly impersonal, generating a following of thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of viewers clearly shows that people are interested in being a part of something. As a yoga instructor, creating video content you can share with a larger audience makes it easier to attract more of the right kind of community members, people who will see your work and later pay for your content.

How do you build a community using video?

Create content they want to see. Start with research to understand what your ideal student wants and focus on producing high-quality videos to help them reach their goals. For example, if you've identified flexibility as an issue that your community struggles with, sharing the collection of exercises to improve flexibility is a great start. But don't stop at creating videos. Engage your community. Ask and answer questions to show that you are present and value them. This way, you’re really leveraging video. It becomes a tool for attracting the larger community, and your ongoing engagement nurtures your community.

Sarah Beth does an amazing job of engaging her YouTube community. She takes the time to comment. And she doesn’t just leave one-liners. She really cares about her community and offers helpful advice and links for the problems they experience.  


Be Consistent

Using video to grow your brand isn’t a one-time thing. You’ve got to be consistent to generate results. This means getting strategic about the kind of content you create and when you'll publish it. The smartest way to keep your momentum is to create a video content calendar.

It's a simple document you can use to map out the types of videos you create, whether they are linked to any campaigns you’re currently running, and when you plan to share them online with your community.

And consistency pays off. Sarah-Beth releases a video every week and has done so for years. Her consistency has helped grow a channel of 667,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Don’t Miss out on YouTube

While I've used YouTube in the examples above, I have to stress how important the platform is to your success. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is filled with people looking for quality content.

What kind of content can you create?

Like any product or service, yoga fits into life. It solves a problem. The best way to think about the content you produce is to consider how you can make it more accessible and easier for your community to experience.

You can produce videos that are:

  • Listicles

These include a list of items. For example, you could create a video with seven exercises to boost energy each morning.

  •  Demonstrate Exercises

Striking a yoga pose is often not the easiest thing to do, especially if your body isn't adequately prepared. If you've done your research, and you're looking to attract beginner yoga students, demonstrating basic exercises is a great idea.

  •  Tips on how to Improve Technique

Wellness Plus creates helpful videos for yoga students who want to improve their technique and you can too. With over 300 yoga poses, you’ll be able to offer valuable and helpful tutorials to help students improve their technique.


  •  Short Ads to Show Viewer What You Offer

Attracting new viewers and community members is an essential part of growing your brand online. Video helps set the right tone, especially because it's more engaging than text. 

 For example, Sarah-Beth introduces herself to new viewers in a short three-minute video on her YouTube channel. She shares what you can expect, and how to use the content she's created. Her introduction is short and sweet, and really inviting for newbies.

  •  Live Stream a Workout

Live streams are a great way to engage with your audience and attract new viewers. By hosting a Live yoga session, you get to interact with your community and strengthen it all in one go.

 As you can see, you don’t need to own or set up an elaborate video studio. Sarah Beth uses her lounge to record her live streams.


Launch a Membership Site and Monetize

If you've been on the fence about launching your very own membership website, I'm here to tell you that it's easier than you think. Today, you can upload your video content, add a payment processing service to sell subscriptions, host live streaming events and do all of this without any coding or develop the skills.


The best part?

You can make more money in the fitness industry than ever before. Having a paid membership website filled with video content means fewer man-hours of work and access to the world yoga enthusiasts willing to pay for your content.

Launch Your Own App

Launching an app may seem highly technical, but it's not. In fact, we've made it possible for Uscreen clients to quickly and easily launch their own personalized OTT apps. 

That means zero coding and developer skills required and less confusion. It also means you get to reach a larger audience on mobile phones, AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, and Android TV. 

Having your own app also elevates the experience students have of your brand. It’s more personalized. And if you’re trying to build a community, it’s a smart way to introduce people to your brand.

Level-up on Social

Social media can be difficult to navigate. What kind of content should you produce and how do you use it to grow your business? The great news is that you’re better off than you know. Video you produce can be repurposed. 

For example, if you've created a lengthy video with multiple exercises, you can repurpose that video by breaking it up into individual exercises and sharing one daily on social media. You can also share videos you've created with links back to the source.

Remember Adriene's 30-day yoga routine? She shares each video along with a short description on her social media accounts right after it's released.


Be Intentional

Creating video is time-consuming. So, be intentional about the outcomes and results you want to generate. Your business can't grow and you cannot generate revenue if you do not make an offer. Making an offer doesn't always mean selling something, it means directing your viewer to the next step on their buyer's journey. That next step can be to download a free guide or watch the next video series. But be sure to guide them through their journey or you could end up with one time viewers and lose the opportunity to grow a community and your business


Video is a smart way to grow an online yoga business and it’s not as hard a tool to use. But to make it work for your yoga business, you have to think a little bigger than you have to make an impact. Build a community around your yoga business and share great content. Be consistent and intentional, and guide viewers along their path to becoming customers.

Your yoga business has the potential to become a powerfully positive part of your students’ lives. Momoyoga is a simpler and easier way to manage your yoga classes, bookings, payments and yogis all in one place. Try Momoyoga 30 days for free
PJ Taei
PJ is the founder and president of Uscreen, an all-in-one video monetization and OTT platform that empowers video entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content and build thriving businesses around their videos.

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