Online Yoga Classes: Audio, Video, Livestream or all of the above

The world of Yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most coveted jobs these past 2 years. Instagram yoga practitioners are promoting their practice with their advanced posed in the hopes of inspiring their followers and maybe gain some business along the way (some vice versa). This practice has become a status symbol for beauty, grace, soulfulness and positivity. The glamour of yoga as it were. Unfortunately we, as yoga teachers know that this is just the snowflake on top of the tip of this proverbial iceberg. As actual teachers in the field we set an example off the mat as well as in our duties in class. Developing that balance of self-nourishment while generating enough income can at times lead our bodies into burnout before we find that ideal ratio. No worries! The future is here.

Imagine simultaneously giving more classes, expanding your reach, more importantly allowing your unique message to be heard. This feat could now be achieved by online teaching. 

While Youtube, and podcasts are fine choices to start your online presence, you’ll need thousands of followers before it starts paying off. The tech developments of 2018 have now made it possible to have more passive income and control over our teaching content. Imagine simultaneously giving more classes, expanding your reach, more importantly allowing your unique message to be heard. This feat could now be achieved by online teaching.

In this article, we will talk about the different platforms available to help you make the most informed decision possible. 

1. Audible Yoga

Some of us, as practitioners prefer the outdoors as the ideal location for practice. Normally a park for city folk or a clearing of sort if you are in the country. However, there are many things to watch out for when we do this. such as thieves nearby that might want our electronic devices, or simply running out of charge from our tech mediums. A sole audible teaching file takes those worries away by allowing the teacher to be the only voice your hear connected to your mobile nothing more. Yoga Audible yoga platform does the editing for you with a guide on how to make your content. The payment is done collectively and by single downloads. meaning you sign up as a teacher and you get a salary divided between you and the other teachers while you get money for every single download of your class. the details are all available in their teachers registration page

2. Self Growth Seeds

Like Audible yoga SGS believes in the power of audio. They believe that the simplest way to learn and teach os the best way to go for your practice. Yet to set them apart from the rest, they also provide PDFs (recommended but not enforced) that tie the lessons together and make learning more effective for the students. Now, SGS may recommend pdf handouts for their teachers to provide but their not about to leave their pros in the dark, they also point you to the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner - a drag and drop program to make sequence planning go by in a flash, however has a 70/30 split with each download purchase made by the clients. Neat and simple. With only the essentials to make an effective class at play. 

3. Namastream

This platform thought of everything. It is for lack of better words a virtual studio. Namastream is a way for you to teach classes live or otherwise but also as a means to connect with your student. You have your place to teach without the pain of paying a physical overhead costs, only monthly or yearly processing and maintienance. It is a beautifully done website with so many design possibilities that will definitely market your brand to your specifications. The only setback is that you can’t use your existing domain and make Namastream your subdomain. Although if you just want straight-up teaching (Namastream´s words verbatim) that covers all media forms then this option is for you. While more bells and whistles also means more things to administrate, It is definitely worth the extra effort. To learn more you need to register ( its free) and you’ll be sent to the link for their demo. Choosing Namastream means that you are ready to invest time, money and effort for your brand so you must understand that just because you don’t have a physical place to hold classes doesn’t mean its less of a business. Since Namastream is so comprehensive I have linked the homepage. From there you can explore the website to see if its the right fit for you at this time.

4. Udemy

With nearly a decade under its belt, Udemy is probably the most well-established online learning marketplace today. Allowing its clients to have accessibility to the thousands of programs available in their program. It is exactly what it is: a universal academy. From starting a start-up, Mastery of SEO, to yoga courses. Yes, this place isn’t just for academic achievements its for spiritual guidance too. If you have a long course in mind, if you are a yoga teacher who wants to impart progressive lessons with clear objectives upon completion, then Udemy is for you. It will not be as pretty or as focused as the aforementioned systems, but you will immediately have the reach of approximately 10 million potential students.You do however have to compete the minimum course requirement of a minimum of 5 lectures in each course and there is a somewhat complicated payment scheme that Udemy takes percentage of depending where and how the student acquired access to your lectures. Not surprising considering the amount of people they need to micromanage. So if you have designed a course or workshop why not make it virtual and see where it goes. Check out their teachers hub where you will be able to explore the school or getting contact with the site.

5. Teachable

Teachable is the close second to Udemy. It is a virtual school. Taking a page from Namastream it is your virtual school where you can dress it up however you want, have content available in all forms of media, as well as setting it up with your existing domain. Not only that it has 7 million users. The reach of Udemy, The customisability of Namastream with the added bonus as its unique quality. Personally this gets my recommendation. You have your autonomy in design elements as well as all the options available to engage your students, and link your existing business with your school. It can’t get any more win-win than this.


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Jennifer Yusi
My name is Jennifer Yusi. Vinyasa/Aerial yoga instructor, writer for Momoyoga, founder of I believe in the fusion of yoga with different forms of movement. In my downtime, I like hiking, painting and karaoke.

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