Where To Do a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Throughout my four years (and counting) of living in Thailand, I have completed a 200-hour YTT, various continuing education (CE) courses, and endless workshops in the land of smiles.

I've also practiced and taught at numerous yoga schools across the country. So it's safe to say I know a lot about Thailand's yoga scene!

If you're feeling called to deepen your yoga practice or sharpen your teaching skills in this tropical paradise, you're in the right place.

In this guide, I'm sharing the best places to do yoga teacher training in Thailand and my top picks for 200-hour YTTs and short courses.

Best Places To Do a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Before you choose your YTT, you'll need to decide where you want to go in Thailand. Thailand is a large country with diverse scenery, yet certain areas are best suited for yoga training. Here are my top 4 recommendations. 

Koh Phangan 

This blissful island is a huge yoga and spiritual hub! It has the most yoga schools in the country and attracts world-class international teachers. Koh Phangan's spiritual scene extends far beyond yoga, with ecstatic dance, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, and much more available here.

Chiang Mai

Do you prefer mountains over beaches? If so, you'll adore Chiang Mai in the north. Despite being a city, Chiang Mai has a peaceful vibe and an epic mountain backdrop. There are several excellent yoga schools, and as the city is renowned for its authentic Thai massages and dreamy spa treatments, you can combine your YTT with some much-deserved spa days. 

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the neighboring island of Koh Phangan. While the yoga scene is smaller here, the island's several well-established yoga schools run top-quality retreats and teacher training. If you find Koh Phangan's vibe a bit too hippy, Koh Samui may be better suited to you.


As Thailand's largest and busiest tourist island, you'll find several top-quality yoga schools in Phuket. The island has more of a 'well-being focus' than a spiritual one, as fitness and detox retreats are hugely popular here. 

Text Where To Do a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Top 3 200-hour YTTs in Thailand

Here are my top picks for 200-hour yoga teacher training courses in Thailand.

One Yoga, Koh Phangan

One Yoga is a relatively new yoga school on the island. Still, it has quickly established a name for itself thanks to its affordable yet high-quality 200-hour teacher training courses. The One Yoga 200-hour YTT focuses on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, but you'll also practice other styles like Ashtanga, Restorative, and Yin yoga.

One yoga is located on the beach too, and their shalas give breathtaking ocean views. One shala is open-air while the other is air-conditioned, perfect for those days it is just too hot! 

Vikasa Yoga Academy, Koh Samui

Vikasa is the most well-established yoga school in Koh Samui, operating since 2011. Their teacher training follows an integral system of yoga based on classical Hatha but influenced by Buddhism and Taoism practices. Like One Yoga, Vikasa has an irresistible beachfront location, meaning you can enjoy dips in the ocean between classes!

Along with offering the foundational 200-hour YTT, they also run advanced 300-hour courses for those who want to become a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher. 

Yoga Vidya Mandiram, Chiang Mai

While yoga teacher training courses in Thailand are generally more affordable than in most western countries, the price varies between schools. If you're looking for a low-cost YTT set in a breathtaking nature-rich location that introduces you to authentic Thai culture, Yoga Vidya Mandiram's 200-hour YTT in Chiang Mai is for you!

The 22-day course centers around Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, which you will practice twice daily. When you're not on your mat or in lectures, you'll explore your surroundings with organized visits to Buddhist temples, mountain walks, and even a traditional northern Thai dinner and cultural performance.

Top 3 Continuing Education (CE) Courses In Thailand

Are you looking to take your yoga teaching career to the next level? Here are my top three continuing education yoga courses in Thailand.

Orion Healing, Koh Phangan

I've personally completed several continuing education courses at Orion in Koh Phangan and could not recommend them highly enough. If you want to deepen your teaching but aren't keen on committing to a 300-hour training, Orion's 50-hour advanced asana TTC is for you. In this course, you'll get tons of practice teaching and adjusting challenging asanas while improving your practice simultaneously.

Orion also offers a highly-rated 50-hour Yin YTT for all the budding "Yinsters" out there. This course introduces you to the philosophy behind yin yoga, such as the meridians and elements. Lastly, one of their newest offerings is their 30-hour Ashtanga & Plant Medicine course!

In-Depth Yoga, Phuket

If you're planning a vacation in Phuket and want to combine it with a short training course, head to In-Depth yoga. This small yoga school offers two 30-hour continuing education courses, both of which will take up just three days of your time yet will give you another Yoga Alliance certification under your belt.

If you want to explore more gentle and restorative styles of yoga, check out their Yin course. This eye-opening training dives into how holding the physical poses stimulates and strengthens the body's energy channels.

Or, if you want to branch out into a fun and unique yoga style, take their Aerial yoga course, which will teach you how to hold yoga poses while suspended in a hammock!

ITM Massage School, Chiang Mai

While it's not technically yoga, if you're looking to gain skills that will complement your yoga teaching, learning Thai yoga massage is a fab idea. Thai massage is known as "lazy man's yoga" because the massage moves are similar to yoga postures and share many benefits. 

I've personally done several short courses at this massage school, which significantly "leveled up" my teaching skills. Firstly, it made me much more comfortable giving adjustments and assists. Secondly, it helped me understand more what goes on at a physical and energetic level when we practice yoga. 

ITM offers multiple 30-hour courses (all lasting five days), including an advanced program focused on SEN energy lines. 

Final Thoughts On YTTs in Thailand

Whether you've yet to complete your first 200-hour yoga teacher training or are an experienced instructor looking to broaden your skill set, Thailand offers a wide range of yoga training courses. What's more, where better to spend a few weeks studying yoga than in a tropical paradise!

Gemma Clarke
Gemma Clarke is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and freelance wellness writer. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience through movement and words. Aside from helping others find more peace and stillness, Gemma is an advocate for stray cats and fosters orphaned kittens for a local animal rescue center.

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