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Stay balanced, resume teaching

The impact of COVID-19 on the global yoga community is severe. Every day, new challenges arise for us all. Momoyoga is here to help you get through.

Since the outbreak, at Momoyoga we immediately changed our focus and planning. In these first few days, a lot changed for our team as well. We started working remote from March 10 on. As a team, we do a tremendous job in here. We all commit to go the extra mile. To do everything that’s is needed to help our customers get through. We more or less dropped everything that we were working on. Reset our priorities and shifted our focus to solely help our customers adapt to this new situation. Until this day, it is our absolute top priority to help yoga studios around the world get through this crisis.

More than ever, we think it is important to stay balanced. You as a yoga teacher or yoga studio owner are in a unique position to help people around you. We therefore recommend you to resume teaching. Especially now.

And we’ve got you in there. Find how Momoyoga responds to this crisis. With some new features, recommendations and helpful tips along the way.

1. Get started with online classes

New to online teaching? It’s much easier than you may think. Especially using our newly launched online classes feature. Momoyoga enables you to easily change your current class schedule into online classes.
Read our step by step instructions in the definitive guide to teaching yoga online

2. Setup online classes with Momoyoga

Already teaching online? Take a look at one of our newly added features. An easy and neat way to combine Momoyoga with your video service of choice. I.e. how to add Zoom information to your classes and have it sent to your yogis automatically.
Read how to offer an online yoga class with Momoyoga

3. Our insights, experience and learnings from our customers

At Momoyoga we constantly try and look forward. What’s coming? What does this all mean to the yoga community? We are in contact with yoga studio owners and yoga teachers from all over the world. Every day. We share our insights, experience and learnings with our customers. For example via the Momoyoga blog.

  1. Coping with Corona: After all this, We still matter
  2. The Yoga Teacher’s Mid-Quarantine Check-In
  3. Yoga Live! The Yoga Class of Today and Tomorrow
  4. Coronavirus, the Yoga Teacher and Virtual Teaching
  5. Online Yoga: How to Use Video Content to Grow Your Business
  6. Keeping Client Engagement During Quarantine

4. Our letter addressed to our community

On March 17, our team is working remote for one week. That day, one of our co-founders wrote a letter to all our customers. Sharing some of his personal insights, beliefs and recommendations. If you missed it...
Read a letter to our customers and the yoga community

5. Our team is here for you

More than ever, we want to hear from you. How can we help? Is there anything you (currently) miss in Momoyoga? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Our team is here for you. So do not hesitate to contact us.
Let us know how we can help 

We will maintain strong in responding to this crisis. Every day we challenge our priorities: Are we doing the very most important thing(s) to help yoga studios best in these times? Is this change or feature the absolute best option to get more value from Momoyoga? We are constantly on the look for the next improvement. With this, we hope to help you get through this crisis.

Please take care of yourself and let's take care of each other.

— The Momoyoga Team


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