Jo Rhodes

“I have always been interested in yoga. I remember picking up a couple of books by Tara Fraser when I was a teenager, but not quite understanding what I was doing as I was sitting in Baddha Konasana in my bedroom.

Later in my twenties, when I became ill with POTS, yoga was one of the few types of exercise I was told I could do, so I started Ashtanga and started to feel strong again. But the time when yoga became integrated into my life was after an event which left me with debilitating PTSD. I remember feeling like my mind was disconnected from my body; my head had gone elsewhere, and my mindless body was lethargic, yet anxious. Depressed, yet restless. My yoga practice was keeping me going; attending early morning Ashtanga Mysore classes, I found my support network. Not everyone knew the story, but even when the yoga shala was packed, people made room for me because they knew I needed yoga. My pranayama and meditation practice deepened in order to ground me. I started to reconnect my body, mind and soul.

I completed my yoga teacher training and have since gone on to specialise in various styles. In the UK I was honoured to open up my own dedicated yoga space too. In my lessons I love to weave in yoga philosophy, and every lesson is different. Now, having taught yoga for nearly 8 years, I aim to create a safe space for people attending my classes and programmes, enabling empowerment and self expression to reconnect mind and body."

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