Navigating the New Normal:
The Virtual Teaching Bundle

At Momoyoga, we are working hard to bring you the tools you need to navigate the new normal. Embrace the future of yoga by teaching hybrid yoga classes. Hybrid teaching is the combination of online and in-person classes. Offering hybrid yoga classes allows you to reach a broader audience, enhance your income, and create more flexibility for you and your yogis, so you can focus on what matters.  

Helping you navigate the new normal Online Classes

Offering hybrid classes

Although studios are open again, some yogis may prefer to continue practicing in the comfort of their own homes. Streaming your live, in-studio yoga classes online is a great way to reach these yogis.

How can I offer online and offline classes at the same time?

pay what you want classes

Pay what you want classes

With Momoyoga, you can choose to host 'pay what you want' or donation-based classes. This function is perfectly tailored for online classes, outdoor classes, and workshops. It's also an effective way for your yogis to support your studio during challenging times. 

How can I accept donations or set up 'pay what you want' classes?

Helping you navigate the new normal The Definitive Guide to Teaching Yoga Online

The Future of Yoga: Guide to Teaching Hybrid Yoga Classes

Our team has created a special guide that will help you get started with hybrid classes. This guide will walk you through the benefits and challenges of teaching online and in-person classes, and offer tips for making your hybrid classes a success.

Getting started: Guide to Teaching Hybrid Yoga Classes

Helping you navigate the new normal Offering Giftcards

Offering gift cards

You can also allow your yogis to purchase a gift card from your studio for their friends or family. A gift card is a great way to share the gift of yoga, especially during trying times. 

How can I offer gift cards to my yogis?

Offer pre-recorded videos to your yogis Offer pre-recorded videos to your yogis

Offer pre-recorded videos to your yogis

Embrace digital and hybrid teaching with Video on Demand. Let your yogis easily watch pre-recorded classes at a time that suits them best. Your yogis are able to purchase access to your online video library. 

How can I add videos?

Did you know that..

  • 64% of studios using Momoyoga are hosting online classes?
  • The most popular day for yoga classes is Monday, followed by Wednesday, Tuesday, and then Thursday?
  • Most yoga classes are held around 9 and 10 o'clock in the morning, or at 7 o'clock in the evening?
  • Teaching online and offline classes at the same time is very popular amongst yoga teachers?
  • The video conferencing services Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, and Vimeo are most popular in Momoyoga?
  • There is an increase in 30-minute classes being taught before office hours and during lunch hours?
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This blog is written by the Momoyoga team. Hoping to share some helpful insights with you.

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