Say Hello to Online Classes

At this moment, your yogis need you more than ever. To ground, tune in, and above all, to stay healthy. We want to do everything we can to help you connect with your yogis. That’s why we’ve added online classes to Momoyoga.

Hopefully, with this new feature, we can encourage you to resume teaching. It is our mission to help yoga studios around the world, and share the practice of yoga. That’s why we hope this new feature finds you well. 

Joost from Momoyoga

Setup your online classes

1Step 1: Every class can easily be turned into an online class. Just go to the class in Momoyoga and tick the box ‘This is an online class’.

2Step 2: Add the online class information for your yogis. The link and additional information will be visible 30 minutes before the class starts.

3Step 3: Select if you want to send the online class information to the yogis automatically.

That's it!

New to online teaching?
Read our Guide to Online Teaching and get started in minutes. 

This blog is written by the Momoyoga team. Hoping to share some helpful insights with you.

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