Stripe and Momoyoga

Momoyoga’s integration with Stripe allows yoga studios to easily setup online payments. By connecting your Stripe account, your yogis can pay for classes by all major debit and credit cards.

Which payment methods?

Stripe (with Momoyoga) accepts payments from these cards (and many more):

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)
  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
  • American Express Discover (US merchants only)

Stripe Momoyoga

Creating a Stripe Account

Accept debit and credit cards as payment methods at checkout by connecting your Stripe account to Momoyoga. Your yogis can pay instantly, without being redirected to complete a transaction.

No Stripe account yet? In just a few clicks, you can set up an account with Stripe which integrates with Momoyoga.

Connecting your Stripe account

To accept Stripe payments for your yoga studio, you need to connect your Stripe account to Momoyoga.

First, login to Stripe dashboard.

  • Make sure your dashboard is configured for live data. 
  • Go to the API section 
  • Copy your Publishable key 
  • Copy your Secret key

Then login to Momoyoga admin.

  • Go to More
  • Click on Payment settings 
  • Select Accept online payments 
  • Go to the Stripe section 
  • Paste your Publishable key and Secret key in the respective fields 
  • Click Submit

Your Stripe account is now connected with Momoyoga. You are ready to receive online payments from your yogis.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to tell us what you think — we’re all ears.

Don’t have a Momoyoga account? Sign up for a free trial and start collecting payments online!

Ingo Oszkinat
Hi there I am Ingo, co-founder and designer at Momoyoga. Happy to share any insights with you!

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