How to Help Friends Find Balance

Turning someone’s off-day into a good day, isn’t that something we all love to do? Sometimes, it only takes a little affection or kindness to establish positive vibes. At Momoyoga, we feel it’s part of our mission to enable you to share love and balance with the people around you.

Recent times have called for us to adapt to a new reality, in which online classes have become a fixed part of our lives. If anything, it also taught us that keeping in touch with friends, yogis and other yoga teachers is more important than ever. Making time to share the positive things in life. This is why we’d like to encourage you to share your love and balance with your friends. 

Sharing Your Love and Balance

Showing kindness and love to others creates positive feelings. At the same time, it gives you inner peace and happiness. As a yoga teacher, this might feel as a fundamental part of your job. So, spreading these vibes to other yoga teachers, shouldn’t feel too far of a stretch for you. Think about these little acts of kindness. These will surely benefit both you and your fellow yoga teachers:

  • Keep sharing your knowledge and insights.Your experiences are unique. Sharing them will enrich other teachers’ classes. 
  • Mentor starting yoga teachers. Being able to learn from someone who’s been around for a longer period of time and teaching someone your tips and tricks will energise you both and make you grow as a teacher and a person. 
  • Share insights on health and well-being. A sound body is a sound mind, so stimulate others with your advice on nutrition or a training schedule. 

Spread the love through Momoyoga

At Momoyoga, we want to actively encourage you to spread the message of love and balance. So, if you know other teachers that could use Momoyoga in their life, helping them become more successful as a yoga teacher, make sure to invite them! Your friend will be able to try Momoyoga at no cost for two months. At the same time, you’ll receive a $50 discount on your subscription if your friend decides to stick around! 


Log in and help a friend find balance  

Joost Gielen
Hi there I am Joost, co-founder and developer at Momoyoga. Happy to share any insights with you!

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