Lovin’ Lotus Pose

In this article we highlight some of the foundational asanas. We also describe common misalignments that are useful to be aware of if you’re a yoga teacher or student.

To prevent injury it is important for students - and of course teachers - to have a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced postures. This way you will build strength and develop body awareness.

The pose I've always loved

This is one of the poses I’ve loved from the beginning. Because I’m naturally bendy I am able to get into this pose fairly easy and without a warm up. This does come with its own risks: I have to be careful not to overstretch my ankles. So be careful in this posture if you can hyperextend! Padmasana is foundational posture but certainly an advanced one. So please be careful and listen to your body. Use one of the modifications is full Lotus is not accessible to you yet. To access Lotus you need a lot of hip, knee and ankle flexibility.

Don't fix on the final posture

Don’t fix on the ‘final’ posture. Rather focus on a version of these postures where you can hold a steady deep breath. Yoga is about moving from body awareness, not from the mind. If you can’t keep your breathing calm, you’re probably going too deep into the posture.

What are the benefits

  • Stretches ankles and knees
  • Calms the brain
  • Eases menstrual discomfort
  • Reduces tension
  • Improves digestion
  • It is said this pose helps pregnant women to prepare for childbirth

Watch out for the following

  • Injured knees or ankles
  • Injured hips

Alignment cues

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed
  2. Sit with a straight spine, chin towards head slightly, crown of head pointed up towards the sky
  3. Place one foot on the opposite thigh, sole of foot pointed upward and heel close to abdomen
  4. Repeat with other leg
  5. Place hands on feet, optionally in a mudra position
  6. Remain here for 10 deep breaths or longer
  7. Change sides and place other foot on thigh first
  8. Sit up straight, reaching towards the sky with the crown of your head


  • If full Lotus is not accessible for you, try half lotus where you only place one foot on the opposite thigh and the other foot underneath you on the floor. Keep for 10 breaths and change sides
  • If this is still too much, just sit with your legs crossed

These are the common misalignments

  • Ankles overstretched. To prevent this, try flexing your feet.
  • Spine not straight. Sit up straight, reaching towards the sky with the crown of your head
  • One knee is floating above the floor. You can see this happen on the photo. This is not necessarily a misalignment but has to do with a lack of flexibility in the hips
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Sofie Horsman
My name is Sofie Horsman. Yoga teacher and writer for Momoyoga. My mission is to love life everyday. When I’m not doing yoga I love to explore nature, travel, read books or hang with the ones I love.

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