The Power of Intentions

Hi, I’m Joris, one of the developers behind Momoyoga. Besides development, I am interested in all things spiritual, nature, yoga, quantum hypnosis, and personal development. I would like to share some of the tricks that have improved my well-being and overall happiness.

Today I want to show you a powerful tool that I use every day. It has made my life more fun, my days more effortless and I feel better. My secret to experiencing more joy in life is to start the day with a clear intention. It’s one of the first things I do after waking up every morning. 

Does this sound like something you would like to experience? Read on to learn what an intention is and how you can implement it in your own life.

What is an Intention?

I would describe it as a feeling that I wish to experience. It’s like a goal, but without the need to take particular actions to make it happen. It can literally be anything that you want. The intentions that I set in the morning range from “to feel empowered and happy today” and “to experience today with grace, ease, joy and lots of love” to “to feel relaxed during the presentation that I will be presenting to my colleagues today”.

It really is this simple, so let me tell you how to set an intention.

How to Set an Intention

These five steps are all you need to do to transform your day into something beautiful. So let’s begin straight away:

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths and feel your body from the inside. You can put a hand on your heart as well if you like.
  2. Close your eyes and ask yourself the question “What do I really need, want or wish for today?”.
  3. Wait for the answer to come to you, it can come in various forms. Some people just know the answer, other people hear a voice or receive images. If nothing comes up, just imagine what would make you really happy today.
  4. With your eyes still closed, imagine and feel what your day would look like if you would receive that gift today. To make it stick in your mind, formulate a sentence like “My intention for today is …”. Repeat it a couple of times for yourself and speak it out loud (if possible).
  5. Take a couple of deep breaths, open your eyes and let whatever you’ve asked for come to you. 

That’s it, well done! Enjoy the rest of the day and be ready to witness miracles in your life.

The Best Moment to Set an Intention

Although you can do this any moment of the day, I would advise doing it as soon as possible after waking up. Your subconscious mind is still very active at this moment. So it’s a great opportunity to program it with positive vibes. 


If you are as excited as me about intentions, I challenge you to set an intention every morning for (at least) 7 days in a row. I would like to hear back from you, so share with me what your experience is. Let us know by sending a message to

Ps. My intention for today is to be inspired. I have inspired myself by writing this article, my wish for you is to be inspired by yourself today as well ✨.

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This blog is written by the Momoyoga team. Hoping to share some helpful insights with you.

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